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Issue: Spring 2021

Agriculture, Education

Milpa Garden

The New Victory Garden fights local food shortages.

Agriculture, Farm Operation

The Little Ag Company That Could

COVID brought the challenge and they answered.

Agriculture, Livestock

A Whole Different Rodeo

Farmers wrangle alternative livestock.

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color scheme photo of various iris flowers

Agriculture, Specialty/Niche

Iris Legacy

A passion-fueled collection destined to be shared.

photo of various food produce and meat

Agriculture, Education

The Nutrient Density Debate

Does healthy soil produce healthy food and then healthy people?

meat photo

Agriculture, Livestock

For the Love of Meat

Meatsmith preaches thrift, passion, and culinary value.

brassica and grass photo

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

100 More Days

Pasture strategy can lengthen grazing and lower costs.

photo of rolling hills of marin county

Agriculture, Specialty/Niche

Destination: Agriculture

Meeting the challenges of agritourism and from-the-farm food.

Photo of bank of lake where erosion has hit


The Hell of High Water

Great Lakes property owners fight for their homes.

Agriculture, Specialty/Niche

Another Rise

Making bread is a tradition as old as any. Throughout much of history, our ancestors either made unleavened or sourdough—meaning it was slowly leavened with naturally occurring yeasts. That changed in the 1800s when commercial yeast was introduced. Bakers could now turn out well-risen loaves much faster.

It changed again in 2020 when the world slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I got sent home from the office, and I needed something to focus myself, something that took skill,” says Erin Sutherland, photographer from Alexandria, Va.

John with turkeys in building

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

Clean Side, Dirty Side

What can the rest of us learn?

Couple standing with cow

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

Controlling What You Can

Milking a micro market.

photo of nine different classes of beans

Agriculture, Specialty/Niche

Dry Bean Alternative

Beans can be profitable, but they’re not for everyone.

photo of various milk based products

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

Hand-drawn Goodness

Dairy carves out local niche one hand-filled bottle at a time.

Photo of the Bouska sisters family farm

Farm Operation, Sustainability

Sisters of the Soil

Siblings share a vision for their family farm.

Dawn ZRX Unit in the grass

Agriculture, Farm Operation

On A Roll

Cover croppers share lessons on crop rolling.

Lori standing with surplus food program photos

Agriculture, Sustainability

Food For A Rainy Day

Canada’s surplus food rescue program redirects excess perishable food to the food insecure.

Hams and Bacon Hanging photo

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

Beefing Up Supply

Crisis shows folly of consolidated meat processing.

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