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Image of See & Spray Ultimate

See & Spray™ Ultimate

Use computer vision and machine learning to target spray weeds in season in corn, soybeans and cotton – and use less herbicide per acre. Available on select 400 and 600 Series Sprayers.

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See & Spray Premium spraying in a cotton field.

See & Spray™ Premium

Fit the perfect sprayer solution for your operation with See & Spray Premium. Target spray weeds in corn, soybeans, cotton, or on fallow ground. See & Spray Premium is available on MY18 and newer R-series and 400/600 series, existing sprayers and select new John Deere and Hagie Sprayers

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close up of See & Spray Select

See & Spray™ Select

Cover your fallow fields using advanced camera and nozzle-control technology to spray only emerged weeds – and use less herbicide per acre. Available on 400 and 600 Series Sprayers.

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400 & 600 Series Sprayers

Our sprayers help you consistently spray more acres a day without feeling it. The cab surrounds you in comfort, while improvements to spray quality help ensure consistent application, so you can work faster and more precise.

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STS16 Hagie Sprayer

Hagie STS Sprayers

Hagie's single-tank solution (STS) sprayers combine the best of Hagie engineering with John Deere technology for a machine that works in any season. From split-application nitrogen to late-season fungicide application, Hagie helps you Enter The Field Any Day™. See & Spray™ Premium is now available on new Hagie sprayers.

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close up of exact apply nozzle system

ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System

Add individual nozzle control to your new 400, 600, and STS Sprayer – factory installed – and get precise droplet sizing for consistent application plus 2 to 5% savings in chemical usage3. It reduces over-application, crop burn, and off-target drift. It also maintains your target rate and pressure over a wider range of speeds. Available as a Precision Upgrade for select R Series Sprayers.

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800R floater in field

800R Floater

Apply product faster and cover more acres between fills compared with previous models. The redesigned cab surrounds you in comfort to make your long days feel short. Offering two cab packages with updated lighting options, the floater can be configured as either a liquid, dry or air boom system.

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ab30 air boom

AB30 Air Boom

Equip your 800R Floater with the optional 70-foot-wide (21.34 m) boom, enabling you to apply product at up to 30 mph (48 km/h). And with 300 cu. ft. (8.5 m3) capacity, you can cover more acres between fills.

image of 204SP Hagie™ Self-Propelled Detasseler

Hagie 204SP Detasseler

When tassels pop, you need to be able to enter the field in any type of condition. The new John Deere cab on the Hagie 204SP provides increased visibility4 and operator comfort for long days spent cutting and pulling tassels. With a lightweight design, an updated toolbar and increased quad puller speed of 450 rpms, you'll operate in comfort during the tight detasseling season.

ModelEngine hpSolution CapacityBoom WidthBoom SectionsApplication SpeedTransport Speed

365 (272 kW)

330 cu. ft. (9.34 m3)

up to 70 feet (21.3 m)


30 mph (48 km/h)

46 mph (74 km/h)

365 (272 kW)

2,000 gallons (7,570 L)

Up to 90 feet (27.4m)


25 mph (40.2 km/h)

46 mph (74 km/h)

ModelEngine hpDetasseling SpeedToolbar OptionsFrame ClearanceLift Arm RangeApproximate Dry Weight

Tier 4 - 173 hp (129 kW)

0.5 to 13 mph (20.9 km/h)

12-row 6-lift 

77 in. (195.6 cm)

66 in. (167.6 cm)

15,357 lbs (6966 kg)5

Application Toolbars

Image of a 2430C in field

2430C Nutrient Applicator

When it comes to applying anhydrous, the 2430C gives you the precision you expect and the proper sealing you need across the entire working width. New 25-row model features lower transport height. TruSet™ technology delivers precise depth adjustment from your cab.

2530L in field

2530L Nutrient Applicator

The 2530L helps assure accurate placement of liquid fertilizer with effective sealing and low residue disturbance. Narrow transport width is less than 12 ft. to improve productivity. Choose from two large configurations to fit your operation.

ModelNumber of RowsEngine hp NeededSeasonGasLiquidDry

19, 25

18-27.5 hp/row 19-row
20-24.8 hp/row 25-row



11, 15, 23

15-25 hp/row




15-28 hp/row



Vertical-fold with 30- and 40-ft widths
Side-fold with widths up to 66 ft.

140-190 hp
200-220 hp



Side-fold with 60 ft and 66 ft widths

200-220 hp

295-345 hp



The Frontier™ Liquid Sprayers are a dependable solution for your liquid application needs.

  • Working widths from 10' to 45'
  • Folding breakaway boom and boomless models
  • Hydraulic, electric, and PTO pumps options depending on model

ModelWorking WidthTank CapacityOperating Weight*Hitch Type

25 ft. (7.62 m)

Tank One - 250 gal. (946 L)
Tank Two - 300 gal. (1136 L)

2,920 lb (1,324.5 kg)
3,350 lb (1,519.5 kg)

Cat. 2 and 3
3-pt hitch with quick-hitch

30 ft (9.14 m)

Tank One - 250 gal. (946 L)
Tank Two - 300 gal. (1136 L)

2,950 lb (1,338.1 kg)
3,375 lb (1,530.9 kg)

Cat. 2 and 3
3-pt hitch with quick-hitch

Up to 30 ft (up to 9.14 m)

Tank One - 250 gal. (946 L)
Tank Two - 300 gal. (1136 L)

2,730 lb (1,238.3 kg)
3,155 lb (1,431.1 kg)

Cat. 2 and 3
3-pt hitch with quick-hitch

40 ft (12.19m)

Tank One - 250 gal. (946 L)
Tank Two - 300 gal. (1136 L)

2,970 lb (1,347.2 kg)
3,400 lb (1,542.2 kg)

Cat. 2 and 3
3-pt hitch with quick-hitch

45 ft (13.72 m)

Tank One - 250 gal. (946 L)

Tank Two - 300 gal. (1136 L)

3,470 lb (1,573. kg)
3,900 lb (1,769. kg)

Cat. 2 and 3
3-pt hitch with quick-hitch

10 ft (3 m)
12.5 ft (3.8 m)
24 ft (7.3 m)

45 gal. (170 L)

460 lb (209 kg)

Limited Cat 1. and Cat. 1 with quick-hitch

12.5 ft (3.8 m)
18 ft (5.5 m)
24 ft (7.3 m)

60 gal. (227 L)

610 lb (277 kg)

Cat. 1 with quick-hitch

18 ft (5.5 m)
24 ft (7.3 m)
30 ft (9.1 m)

110 gal. (416 L)

1,216 lb (551 kg)

Cat. 1 or Cat. 2 (with optional kit) with quick-hitch

24 ft (7.3 m)
30 ft (9.1 m)

150 gal. (568 L)

1,619 lb. (734 kg)

Cat. 2 with quick-hitch

G5 Plus Command Center in a John Deere sprayer

Precision Ag Technology

John Deere's fully integrated technologies give you some of the best data management, guidance, variable rate applications, and more.

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Find the new nozzles, sprayer parts, Express Boom Assembly, mobile apps and more.

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Search the inventory of thousands of dealers across the country for used sprayers and more.

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1Compared to broadcast spraying

2Results based on internal John Deere strip trials. Results vary based on crop. Weed-control results based on dual-tank operation, adding an additional herbicide that could not be added to an existing herbicide mix in a single tank. Individual results will vary.

3Factory study comparing chemical usage between sprayers equipped with and without the ExactApply nozzle-control system. ExactApply is an optional feature and can reduce chemical usage from 2 to 5%. Individual results may vary.

4Compared to previous models

5Based off a 12-row 6-lift machine with cutters.