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Featured in the Current Issue

A John Deere 944K Wheel Loader removes large volumes of limestone rock at the Leach Pit quarry in Haskell, Texas.


Texas Trailblazers >

Shaping the infrastructure in Texas

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A John Deere 700L XLT SmartGrade Dozer carves out swales and slopes while grading roads and building pads for the housing-development site.


Tradition Meets Innovation >

Embracing technology to reach the next level

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To the left of the Sanibel Island Lighthouse in the middle, the aftermath on the island is pictured. On the right, the island is seen before the hurricane hit.


Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Dreams >

Contractors restore hope in the wake of Hurricane Ian

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Deere Sightings

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John Deere 380G LC Excavator filling an Articulated Dump Truck while dozer sits behind the articulated dump truck and another articulated dump truck turns to join the line.

380G LC Excavator, two Articulated Dump Trucks, and a dozer by Chase P.

John Deere Compact Excavator digging in the setting sun.

26G Compact Excavator by Nate B.

John Deere 345G Excavator parked as the sun sets in the distance.

345G Excavator by Tiler D.

John Deere 323E CTL parked in front of a setting sun.

323E Compact Track Loader by J. Christopher Landscaping