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Issue: Summer 2024

Shooting stars above a person looking at an illuminated mobile phone at night

Agriculture, Ag Tech

A View from Above

TEN...NINE...EIGHT...a countdown is always thrilling. It leads to an explosion of activity. Agriculture has a rocket on the pad and a countdown is well underway to launching a new era of satellite-driven, functional, system-of-systems digital ag advancements.

Person with a bale of hay next to cows

More than Food

From farm to table, this ranch family is improving lives along the way.

More than Food Full Story
Sprawling aerial view of marshland with two people in a canoe

Floating Harvest

Following the call to wild rice.

Floating Harvest Full Story
Rows of wine grape vines with green mountains in the distant background


Teaming up with Nature

Agroecology helps the desert bloom on this California homestead.

Two smiling people standing next to a brown cow with a green hillside rising behind them


Babette's Sweet Legacy

New England meets Iceland in this family's handmade skyr.

a woman outside at sunset looking at a tablet

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Two smiling people standing in front of feeding black and brown cows with a hill in the distance


Reaching for the Stars

StarWalker Organic Farms shares regenerative story with beef and pork fans nationwide.

Person smiling on a rooftop farm with spotted olive green baseball cap on holding a flat bin of small golden carrots with a building in the background


Car Park Produce

RISE Farm is Wichita's first rooftop farm.

Closeup of cucumbers growing on a vine


Catering to the Market

Eng family finds success anticipating public demand.

A cutting board with cloves, star anise, sliced ginger, garlic cloves, green cardamom, red peppercorns, fennel seed, curry powder, lime, pink salt, cinnamon sticks, bay leaf, and dried red chilies on it


A World of Spice

Spices laid the foundations of global trade and they're still driving changes today.

Smiling person with eyeglasses and arms crossed wearing a heathered grey collared shirt


The Man from Muscotah

Jay Armstrong pays forward the lessons he learned from his ancestors.

Closeup of a black cat's face


Lords of the Manor

Cat-proofing your home.

Closeup of colorful ears of corn with different sized kernels


Taste of History

Quebec grower says heirloom varieties' flavor can't be matched.

Young corn plants growing in the ground covered with hay straw


Spotlight on Sulfur

The missing ingredient in many row crop nutrient plans.

Aerial view of a herd of red cattle with two cowboys in the foreground on a hillside


Stressing Herd Health

Prevent, observe, and adapt to stay ahead in challenging conditions.

Closeup of a tree ring held in two hands above a computer desk with a keyboard and mouse


Land of Extremes

1,500 years of tree ring data shows wild climate swings on the prairies.

Long view of canola field with bright yellow flowers and blue-sided grey-topped plastic tents with center-pivot irrigation system in the background


Another Important Bee

Leafcutter bees help pollinate seed crops.

Smiling farmer standing in front of green and yellow John Deere equipment


A Yield for the Record Books

Virginia corn grower does it again.

Mother, father, daughter, and son sitting in a row



Life on the run.

Close up of a field
Shooting stars above a person looking at an illuminated mobile phone at night

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