Value in every pass, every season

From machine performance to field management to data analysis, John Deere is the industry leader in providing farmers the precision ag tools they need to monitor, manage, and maximize their farm operations. Every production step – every season.

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More Efficiencies

From automation to repeatability, find the precision technology you need to work faster and smarter.

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Lower Costs

Precise seed placement. Better application accuracy. Less input. That means lower costs.

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Higher Yields

From your machines to your fields, precision ag fuels better performance. And that powers higher yields.

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Manage your farm data – anytime, anywhere.

As the industry’s leading cloud-based farm management system, John Deere Operations Center™ gives you a single, secure place to monitor, organize, analyze, and share your data 24/7. Set up your free account and unlock the full potential of your connected farm.

Real farmers. Real stories. Real results.

How is precision technology shaping actual farm families? Find out with our Tech at Work Series, where we spend an entire growing season with real farm families as they put precision technology to work in their planning, planting, and harvesting.

Is technology helping you farm better?

Follow the Woolliams family this season as they use technology to make decisions that improve their farm.

Have you collected data about your farm that you’re not using?

Follow the Scott family’s progress on their year-long journey as they implement precision ag and their data to improve their operation.

Have you ever wondered whether precision ag is worth it?

Meet the Kilmer family and join them on their year-long journey as they add precision ag to their operation.

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