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Issue: January 2022

Rural Living

Dealing with Drought

Combining tech and creativity to farm when water is short.

Rural Living, Education

Cowboy Curators Craft World-Class Collections

A tale of two rural Montana museums with ranch roots and Smithsonian class.

Agriculture, Farm Operation

Farmers are Aging Out Quickly

But farm help exists, if you look in a new spot.

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Retired Railroad flatcars


The Flat Car Fix

Retired railcars replace rural bridges for a fraction of the cost of a new structure.

Bear Flag Equipment in field


An Egg from Tiffany’s

Young farmer sells 24/7 through her egg vending machine.

a woman outside at sunset looking at a tablet

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man kneeling in field


Flipping Fields

Trading high-value farmland for acres ripe for an expert upgrade.

Man smiling at camera


It's OK to Brag (Sometimes)

Sharing your goodwill stories may help connect with consumers.

Corn field harvest


Dryland Corn Dynamics

Careful management helps to reduce risk.


Rye Not

Higher wheat prices have the crop competing for more acreage and that’s likely to cause growers to shorten the crop rotations many have relied upon to manage troublesome winter annual grass weeds. And, in areas where growers have few rotation options, there’s now added incentive to seek more consistent control of those grassy weeds.

“It takes three to four years to get feral rye seed out of the soil and even longer to clean up a field overtaken by Marshall (Italian) ryegrass,” says Garber, Oklahoma, farmer Travis Schnaithman. “We don’t have that many rotational options, and many wheat growers in the southern plains also rely heavily on wheat pasture, so there’s little flexibility for crop rotation in their operations.”

Schnaithman, who farms with his brother Tyler, is turning to some innovative herbicide technology to aid weed control efforts in wheat. “Limagrain’s CoAXium wheat production system has been a game changer for our operation. It’s allowing us to grow wheat on fields where we wouldn’t have dared plant it otherwise because of past weed problems,” he says.

wasabi rhizomes market size


Hot Stuff

Real wasabi takes root on the Oregon Coast.

Collage of fields and plants


Producer Driven Research

Non-profits step in to do the heavy lifting.

Drone flying above field


Counting Corn

Drones in agriculture are getting smarter and becoming more practical on the farm.

man in field with tree branch in his hand


The Water Witch

John Posthumus has been dowsing water wells for over 60 years.

Bear Flag Equipment in field



John Deere and Bear Flag Robotics - creating technology with purpose.

Man in wheat field with large rowing equipment


Flagship Combine Honored with Prestigious Design Awards

The 2021 lineup added two new models of X Series Combines.

Collage of fields and plants


Drought, the Perfect No-Till Test

Adjusting farm strategy to counter rising input costs and uncooperative weather.

background image of wind turbines
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