Wide photo of the new S7 Combine with a Draper head in wheat.

Harvesting Equipment


Different crops. Different fields. Different size of operations. Yeah, that doesn't matter to John Deere, because we have a combine for whatever you need. From the grain-eating X9 to the versatile, all new S7, every piece of iron we make is packed with the same legendary John Deere dependability and brains to bring more automation – more productivity – to any farm, any size.

    • Performance Group 10 and 11
    • 420 and 460 bushels (14,800 and 16,210 liters)
    • Commonly used for: High moisture corn, tough-threshing small grains
    • Performance Group 6, 7, 8 and 9
    • 300 and 400 bushels (10,571 and 14,095 liters)
    • Commonly used for: Corn, soybeans, cereal grains
    • Performance Group 7
    • 383 bushels (13,500 liters)
    • Commonly used for: Wheat, canola, barley

Headers & Platforms

Photo of a John Deere Combine with a draper header in small grains


We've added new drapers to our lineup, to help you reduce loss, consistently maintain desired cut height and put more grain in your tank. Now with a complete draper line that includes sizes from 25 feet (7.62 meters) to 50 feet (15.24 meters), John Deere has a large selection of draper heads for the widest range of crops and conditions.

Photo of a John Deere Combine with a corn head harvesting corn

Corn Heads

More acres, higher yields and hybrids with tougher stalks are real challenges at harvest. That's why our corn heads are robust enough to cut the toughest, thickest crop with ease to help ensure every kernel makes it inside the combine.

John Deere Combine with a auger platform harvesting in small grains

Auger Platforms

Our auger platforms were engineered to match the high capacity of the S7 Combines and are equipped with a range of performance boosting features. Exclusive HydraFlex™ Platforms give you flexibility to run faster and cut cleaner over uneven ground.

Photo of a John Deere Combine gathering windrowed grain with a BP15 Belt Pickup

Belt Pickup

No matter how rough the field or how thick the windrows, the BP15 Belt Pickup gives you smooth, complete gathering of windrowed grain, thanks to a variety of exclusive features and innovations.

CP770 Studio Photo

CP770 Cotton Picker

We've given our latest non-stop cotton picker a more fuel-efficient engine, a new module-building system, new high-speed row units, and more. You get higher picking speeds, less wrap and hauling expense, and big-time fuel savings1.

CS770 Photo

CS770 Cotton Stripper

Stripper-cotton growers, you get the same new engine and module-building system as the CP770, plus a new 12-row folding header that can knock out huge acreage per day...and doesn't need to be detached for transport1.

SH12F Image

New Stripper Headers

The new 12-row SH12F Folding Stripper Header gives you a game-changing 48 percent more harvesting capacity; you can cover nearly 100 more acres in a 10-hour day, without having to remove the header for transport.

Sugar Cane Harvesting

Sugar cane field with an overlay of a sugar cane harvester
CH570 Photo

CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester

John Deere exclusive floating crop divider and contour basecutter height-control technology reduces soil content and cane loss. Large, premium cab integrates the latest technology with added comfort.

CH950 Photo

CH950 Sugar Cane Harvester

Double your productivity by harvesting two rows per pass with significantly less labor, fuel consumption and cane loss, delivering lower costs per ton as well as less cane loss and compaction2.

CH960 Photo

CH960 Sugar Cane Harvester

A slightly wider design than the CH950 but with all the productivity-enhancing advantages to help you harvest with fewer operators, less fuel, less compaction and less cane loss for improving yield potential and cost efficiency2.

Mobile Apps

You can't always be in the cab, but you can always have access to the information you need with our mobile apps. You can download these apps in the John Deere App Center (available in the Google Play and Apple App store).

John Deere Operations Center logo

Operations Center

The number of hours in a day isn't always enough to get everything done. That's why we've made it easy to collect, use and share your data, wherever you are with the Operations Center mobile app.

John Deere Connect Mobile logo

Connect Mobile

With the Connect Mobile app for harvest, you can manage job quality while it's occurring. It now features dual map view - so you can easily compare two maps side-by-side. This lets you correct issues while you're running in the field, instead of discovering them later, when it will cost you time and money.

John Deere Equipment Mobile

Equipment Mobile

John Deere Equipment Mobile takes machine optimization to the next level through proper machine setup, maintenance, and infield procedures. The app also provides setup information for displays, receivers, and AutoTrac, plus tools for connecting your machine wirelessly for data transfer and dealer support.

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