A John Deere Reman tractor alternator and box sitting on a worktable.

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You want your machine to last a lifetime, and John Deere Reman is here to help.

John Deere Reman parts are remanufactured to deliver the same level of performance and reliability, or more, as brand-new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, making them one of the highest-quality, lowest-cost options available.

They're also the only replacement parts guaranteed to meet or exceed the original performance specifications set by our engineers.

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Yellow and green remanufactured engines in the John Deere Reman warehouse.

Benefits of Using John Deere Reman Parts

  • Increased uptime with a fast, low-cost repair option
  • Faster than rebuilding parts
  • 20-30% average lower cost than brand-new OEM parts
  • The same or better quality as brand-new OEM parts
  • Fully inspected, rigorously tested, and built to the latest specifications
  • A John Deere Reman warranty that offers the same or better coverage as new OEM parts1

Confidence, Value, Choice. Guaranteed.

Reman means remanufactured. Not repaired, rebuilt, or reconditioned.

A smiling farmer with curly brown hair sitting in a John Deere tractor cab.

Know you got the right part

We don't just repair, rebuild, or recondition our parts. We completely remanufacture them to meet or exceed current John Deere specifications, with all components either remanufactured or brand new.

Reman parts are designed by our engineering team and built by our certified technicians, using only 100 percent John Deere components. We never use aftermarket or "might-fit" components, so you can be confident you're getting the best quality replacement possible.

Close-up of a farmer standing in front of a John Deere tractor.

Know you paid the right price

Knowing your repair costs upfront helps you get the most value out of your investment. With over 2,300 remanufactured parts available, John Deere Reman offers you plenty of ways to outfit your machinery for 20-30 percent less than the typical cost of buying brand-new OEM parts.

Close-up of a smiling farmer standing in front of a John Deere harvester.

Know you chose the right place

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we know how each part should be manufactured, inspected, and tested. All Reman parts are produced to the original product specifications and must meet stringent John Deere standards.

When components are updated or revised with new specifications, those components are always included in Reman parts to ensure you get a replacement part guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

A farmer standing in a partially-harvested cornfield, holding an iPhone in front of a John&nbps;Deere combine.

Know you have protection

Reman parts are guaranteed to perform the same as or better than brand-new OEM parts. To ensure they do, all Reman parts are protected by a John Deere Reman warranty with up to two years of coverage, including labor costs if installed by an authorized John Deere dealer1. That's up to two full planting and harvest cycles worth of protection.

John Deere Remanufacturing vs Repairing, Rebuilding, and Reconditioning

A service technician repairing a wheel loader.


  • Only defective parts are examined and replaced
  • Components will have different levels of wear
  • Not covered by a full warranty

A service technician rebuilding an excavator flywheel.


  • Parts are disassembled only to the point of failure and rebuilt using the same, new, or aftermarket parts
  • Parts will have different levels of wear
  • Not covered by a full warranty

A service technician reconditioning an engine.


  • All worn and damaged parts are replaced
  • Not as thorough as remanufacturing
  • Not covered by a full warranty

A fully remanufactured yellow John Deere Reman 9.0L FT4 Engine.

John Deere Reman

  • A comprehensive process that returns damaged, worn, and non-functional parts to like-new or better condition
  • All parts are thoroughly inspected and tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Highest-quality, low-cost option
  • Backed by a one- or two-year John Deere Reman warranty1


How John Deere Reman Works

In the John Deere remanufacturing process, we take failed parts and components and return them to like-new, or better quality. Here's how it works:

  • A John Deere dealer talking on the phone to a customer.

    Your dealer orders and installs the Reman part, then returns the failed part to the John Deere return center.

  • A John Deere Reman technician disassembling a transmission.

    Each failed component is fully disassembled, and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear or damage.

  • A John Deere Reman technician replacing parts on an engine.

    Any parts not meeting current specifications are remanufactured using advanced reclaim techniques or replaced with brand-new parts.

  • A John Deere Reman technician working on a transmission.

    All wear-type parts, including pistons, liners, bushings, bearings, gaskets, and O-rings, are replaced 100 percent of the time with new John Deere parts.

  • A John Deere Reman technician assembling a transmission.

    Our certified technicians assemble the product using the same processes we use to produce brand-new components.

  • A John Deere Reman technician using a computer to perform a transmission test.

    The product is thoroughly inspected and 100 percent dynamically tested to ensure it meets or exceeds the original John Deere performance specifications.

  • A fully remanufactured John Deere Reman tractor fuel pump and box sitting on a worktable.

    After passing inspection and testing, the product gets a John Deere Reman factory warranty that’s as good as, or better than, a brand-new product.

See What John Deere Dealers Are Saying

A smiling farmer standing in a soybean field with a John Deere tractor in the distance.


"There are several reasons why I recommend Reman to our customers. The number one reason, of course, being the quality. I need to sell my customers something I know they can depend on, and John Deere Reman products provide that quality. They have been dependable, their track record has been phenomenally great and we have great confidence in Reman."

Thomas, Parts Manager, Michigan

Close-up of a person's hands touching a wheat field with a John Deere harvester in the distance.


"Instead of doing an overhaul if we can order an engine through Reman, we usually have it within two days and the installation is much quicker. It's also less expensive for our customers, which they appreciate. Warranties are normally longer than what they are on the new products and I know customers appreciate that."

Dennis, Service Manager, Kansas

A farmer standing in a harvested field with a John Deere tractor in the distance.


"With a lot of the companies that supply aftermarket parts, you don't know the quality or the warranty on them or even how long they're actually going to last. We know that with Reman, our customers get a good product, a good warranty and a solid company that will stand behind it."

Terry, Parts Manager, California


1Warranty terms vary based on item. Hour and/or usage limitations may apply. Terms, conditions, exclusions, and warranty limitations apply. See your local John Deere dealer or visit https://www.deere.com/en/parts-and-service/warranty-and-protection-plans/ for details.