772g motor grader works on road

Motor Graders

ModelMax Net PowerOperating WeightBlade PullSix-Wheel-Drive

160 kW (215 hp)

18,302 kg (40,350 lb.)

14,091 kg (31,066 lb.)


168 kW (225 hp)

19,078 kg (42,060 lb)

20,412 kg (45,000 lb.)

175 kW (235 hp)

19,205 kg (42,340 lb.)

15,501 kg (34,173 lb.)


190 kW (255 hp)

19,976 kg (44,040 lb.)

22,453 kg (49,500 lb.)

190 kW (255 hp)

19,396 kg (42,760 lb.)

15,501 kg (34,173 lb.)


205 kW (275 hp)

20,217 kg (44,570 lb.)

22,453 kg (49,500 lb.)

209 kW (280 hp)

20,303 kg (44,760 lb.)

15,501 kg (34,173 lb.)


224 kW (300 hp)

21,187 kg (46,710 lb.)

22,453 kg (49,500 lb.)

G-Series Grader Features

Introducing the 620G/GP & 622G/GP

These competitively priced graders offer just the right amount of power and fuel savings of up to 10% more than our larger models.

Dual Joystick Controls

Our new dual joystick controls provide motor grader operators with intuitive, ergonomic control.

A History of Innovation

Celebrating 50 Years of the Articulated Motor Grader

  • line drawing of a scarifier


    The 4XE Project

    Through its 4XE project, John Deere begins experimenting with cutting-edge motor grader ideas, including a tandem-drive assembly, front-mounted scarifiers, and articulated steering.

  • JD570 brochure image


    Articulated-Frame Steering

    John Deere introduces the JD570, the first motor grader to feature front-wheel and articulated-frame steering, providing operators more maneuverability than ever before.

  • Schematic drawing of 4XM prototype


    The 4XM Prototype

    The 4XM prototype – with its innovative maneuverability and performance advantages – affirms Deere’s ambition to challenge competitors in the over-145-hp motor grader market.

  • machine showing hydrostatic front-wheel drive



    Deere begins experimenting with hydrostatic front-wheel drive, placing a Waterloo hydro-wheel-powered axle into a JD570 grader.

  • 570A Motor Grader


    A Lasting Update

    The JD570, updated with several performance and durability improvements, is renamed the JD570A. It remains in production until 1986.

  • 670 Motor Grader


    Low-Cost Alternative

    In August, the JD670 is introduced as a lower-cost alternative to the JD770, which was introduced earlier that year, and other graders in the 115-145-hp market.

  • 672A motor grader


    Hydrostatic Front-Wheel Drive

    The 672A and 772A – Deere’s first motor graders featuring hydrostatic front-wheel drive – begin rolling off the production line.

  • 772AH Motor Grader


    Variable Horsepower

    The launch of the 770AH and 772AH motor graders introduces variable horsepower.

  • 570B motor grader


    A New Model

    Production of the 570B motor grader begins. It remains in production until 1996.

  • Brochure image of C-Series


    PowerShift Plus

    With a slew of innovative features – headlined by the PowerShift Plus direct-drive countershaft transmission – the C-Series ushers in a new era for Deere motor graders.

  • image of grader controls


    Fuel Distribution Advancement

    The C-Series-II pairs an electronically controlled, high-pressure fuel-delivery system with a 106-gal. fuel tank, for more precise and consistent fuel distribution. It also sees a significant update to the front-wheel drive, which provides true dual-path hydrostatics.

  • composite of the D-Series models


    Introduction of D-Series

    The D-Series makes its debut. New innovations include Deere’s exclusive Event-Based Shifting transmission, the pressure-compensated load-sensing hydraulics system, and a redesigned cab. The Series update in 2007 will introduce Integrated Grade Control.

  • G-Series on cross-slope application


    Providing Choice

    In addition to cross-slope control, automatic differential lock, and a rearview camera, the all-new G-Series offers an industry first – a choice of console-mounted standard controls or armrest-mounted fingertip controls.

  • 772GP motor grader



    Six G-Series motor grader models are updated to include Interim Tier 4 engines.

  • Close up of FT4 engine



    The entire G-Series motor grader line is upgraded to meet Final Tier 4 emissions standards.

  • A 1967 motor grader melds into 2017 motor grader


    Innovation Continues

    Boasting updates to key customer specifications, two new motor grader models (620G/GP and 622G/GP) continue our history of innovation with the introduction of an ergonomic shifter, a high-resolution in-cab monitor, and the new dual joystick control option.

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