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Model Year 2022 Combines and New Headers

Reduce total header loss while consistently maintaining desired cut height and put more grain in your tank with our new headers. MY22 Updates include new lighting options, new residue management options, and more.

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Dairy Solutions & Support

Dairy farmers face many challenges to keep your herd healthy and productive. We stand ready to help with our unrivaled network of support and portfolio of products and solutions.

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New 9 Series Tractors

The new 9 Series Tractors alleviate timing challenges, offering more power, more ballasting options, and more precision than ever before. No matter your terrain, no matter your conditions, these tractors give you the strength and power you need to pull heavier, wider implements with ease.

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New 400 & 600 Series Sprayers

The new 400 and 600 Series Sprayers come with the technology you need, and the performance you expect, to get precise, consistent applications in your fields with minimal waste. They also come with a new cab to make your longest days feel shorter.

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New See & Spray™ Select

See & Spray Select is the first factory-installed spot-spray machine for controlling weeds on fallow ground. Advanced camera technology identifies weeds and triggers a spot application, spraying only the weeds. You can reduce your herbicide use, and costs, and make more efficient use of complex tank mixes.

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New Hagie STS Sprayers

New Hagie STS (single-tank solution) Sprayers feature a new cab, seat, in-cab controls, plus a 2,000 gallon (7,571 L) solution tank and up to 400 engine hp. Hagie innovation and John Deere precision ag tools help you enter the field any day.

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New Integrated ExactRate™ Liquid Fertilizer System

The first factory-installed, tractor + planter liquid fertilizer system. Integrated tanks on the tractor mean you don’t have to climb over them to get in the cab. 1,000 gallons (3,785 L) capacity on the tractor plus 600 gallons (2,271 L) on the planter provide 1,600 gallons (6,057 L) total capacity.

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Sports Turf Virtual Pavilion

Dig deeper. Three dimensions deeper.

See what’s under the hood. Step inside the cab. And even kick the tires. Virtually, of course. Enter our virtual pavilion. A place where you can walk around our new products and get up-close looks at new technologies that can help you Gain Ground in your operation.

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We All Run Together

Right now, it feels like the world is standing still. But if you look to the land, it’s a different story. Discover the stories of six Deere owners who are still giving their all to the soil because the land never stops.

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John Deere Connected Support™

For years, our dealers have used connected tools to remotely monitor and proactively service machines to keep you running.

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