3 articulated dump trucks lined up to receive loads

Articulated Dump Trucks

ModelEngine Power @ 1,900 rpmRated PayloadHeaped CapacityJDLink 5-Year Standard

239 kW (321 hp)

24,192 kg (53,334 lb)

15.0 m³ (19.6 cu. yd.)

264 kW (354 hp)

28 125 kg (62,005 lb.)

17.5 m3 (22.9 cu. yd.)

315 kW (422 hp)

33 629 kg (74,139 lb.)

20.5 m³ (26.8 cu. yd.)

330 kW (443 hp)

37 266 kg (82,157 lb.)

22.7 m³ (29.7 cu. yd.)

359 kW (481 hp)

41 819 kg (92,195 lb.)

25.5 m³ (33.4 cu. yd.)

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See how our easy-to-service haul trucks stand up to the competition in these head-to-head comparisons of daily pre-operation maintenance.

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ADTs at a Glance

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Ultimate Uptime is a dealer-delivered support solution designed, based on the needs of your business, to maximize your uptime.



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