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Issue: March 2021

Cover Story

New Wave of Rural Migration

Farm stay vacations on the rise.


Year-round Tourism

Muskoka farm develops innovative ways to incorporate four-season tourism attractions.


Pandemic Fighters

These ag scientists are on guard against the next plague.

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Balloons, apples, apple orchard and people walking dog

Rural Living, Specialty/Niche

Apples & Balloons

Agritourism at a whole new level

Families in sunflower field


A Family Affair

Agritourism blooms for generations.

flowers from all seasons

Rural Living

Never Ending Colors

Plan ahead to create a visual feast throughout the year.

farm incubator 60 acre farm

Agriculture, Education

Helping Hands

Incubator gives new farmers a boost.

neighbors in pumpkin patch looking at crops

Agriculture, Education

In It Together

Mentorship highlights the brotherhood of farming.

welcome desk photo

Rural Living

Farm Fresh Air

Tourists come to sleep with the cows.


Ag Data Is Beautiful

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin this story. The image on this page is not a Chagall. We can understand how you might think it is, because so many Corn Belt kids have made that bus trip to the Windy City to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, and this image could be just another panel in that monumental America Windows exhibit featuring the work of Marc Chagall, the Russian-born abstract artist, a stained-glass master.

Nor is it the work of Piet Mondrian, the Dutch superstar of Modern Art, although this image has all the hallmarks of De Stijl—The Style—which was Mondrian’s large-scale vision for art and architecture made up of in tersecting geometric blocks of color. Some of the images on the following pages are so similar to Mondrian’s 1919 composition called “Checkerboard, Dark Colors,” that one could assume that, if not by Mondrian, then surely these works must be from the brush of a protégé.

prairie photo with blue sky

Agriculture, Sustainability

Palouse Prairie Protectors

Their native seeds help restore a dwindling resource.

yeild corn crop

Agriculture, Education

Family Secrets

Lessons from contest plots chart a path to higher corn yields.

man and woman studying tillering in corn

Agriculture, Education

Taking Stock of Tillers

Corn tillers aren’t really suckers at all.

rainfall collector testing with jugs

Agriculture, Sustainability

Infiltration's Impact

Healthy soil will have ripple effects on extreme weather events.

netting over crop

Agriculture, Sustainability

Mitigating Storm Risk

Orchards turn to technology to ease their stress.

koch standing in oat field


Northern Potential

A warming climate has farmers flocking to Northern Ontario for opportunity.

disaster storm damage photo

Agriculture, Farm Operation

Are You Covered?

Don’t be caught on thin ice when disasters strike.

cheese shown in humidor


Treasure Cave

Swiss grocery celebrates small cheesemakers.

background image of wind turbines
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