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Above. The 2021 lineup added two new models of X Series Combines.

Agriculture   January 01, 2022

Flagship Combine Honored with Prestigious Design Awards


In 2020, John Deere announced the release of the high-capacity X Series Combines to North American farmers. The technology-rich machines automatically adjust to maximize grain harvesting under changing conditions without risking grain loss or quality.

The X9 Combine has the beauty to match its brawn. Every panel, every angular form and every cab feature seamlessly integrates style and substance. For our design teams, the combine reflects their hard work, collaboration, and innovative spirit.

In 2021, two key industry groups honored the X9’s design. “These prestigious awards signal to customers that John Deere is an innovator in combines, front-end equipment and the tech stack, and we’ll continue to make the necessary investments and updates to ensure we remain the industry leader,” said Nick Howerton, Product Marketing Manager at John Deere.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH recognized the X9 with the iF Design Award for its “intentionally aggressive look and active stance that represents unstoppable yet refined power.” They praised the combine’s angular forms expressing mechanical strength; its signature raised yellow stripe that delivers an enhanced brand presence; and an operator station that leads in comfort, visibility, and efficiency.

The X9 was also the 2021 Red Dot Award winner. Judges noted the design language showcased mechanical strength and high precision, which impressively communicated the machine’s power. The operator station and the integration of smart technologies ensured an optimized user experience.

“Both awards are more than just recognition of our design language,” Howerton explained. “They honor the great work of our employees, show the value of getting honest feedback from customers, and recognize the close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. ‡

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