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Issue: February 2023


Tackling Change

Agriculture, Education

The Human Element

What's it take to make a change?

Agriculture, Education

Agent of Change: Dairy Carrie

Pioneer of Farm Connection

Paving a digital pathway for modern farm advocacy.

man standing with shovel in field


Agent of Change: Blake Vince

Sharing Your Knowledge

No one is a prophet in their hometown.

woman using microscope


Agent of Change: Elaine Ingham

Web Master

She changed the way we think about the ecosystem beneath our feet.

a woman outside at sunset looking at a tablet

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man on cellphone in barn next to semi truck


Agent of Change: Zemua Baptista

Breaking Ground

A first generation farmer is breaking barriers.

man holding chicken


Agent of Change: Corwin Heatwole

Renaissance Man

Corwin Heatwole is bringing farmers back to the forefront of the poultry industry.

man with baseball cap holding chicken in chicken coop


Agent of Change: Zack Smith

Fresh Ideas

Where value walks off the farm.


Agent of Change: Greg Page

Lessons from Page

Have you ever found yourself sitting at a table in a generic hotel conference room ready to hear a keynote speaker, and then a few minutes into his or her speech you realize there are not enough cocktail napkins and little notepads in the whole hotel to ink the insightful lessons coming from the podium?

This happened at the Minnesota Ag and Rural Leadership (MARL) program graduation session last summer of which I was a part. In a quick breakfast session, Greg Page shared leadership lessons he'd learned through decades of working in the agriculture industry around the world, growing up as a North Dakota John Deere dealer's son, and teaching courses at the University of Minnesota.

man with cowboy hat and sunglasses kneeling in corn field


Then and Now: Ray Ward

A Lifetime of Teaching Farmers

How to profit from soil health.

man with crossed arms smiling with woman in field


Then and Now: Lynn Dargis

From Tragedy to Triumph

man in red baseball cap with red hoodie


Then and Now: Jer-Lindy Farms

You Can Make Plans

But you better be flexible.

closeup of electric ZTrak zero-turn mower



New John Deere electric zero-turn mower hits the market.

vintage aerial photo of farmland
The Furrow February 2023

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