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Issue: December 2020

Cover Story

Rural Murals

Communities tell their stories on grain bins and buildings.

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

Farm Phoenix

Finding the Good In recovering from a devastating fire.


Milk with a Kick

Whey-based alcohol complements boutique cheese.

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Phytech sensor registers tiny changes


Give Me A Drink

Plants order up irrigation

Fuel station with classic car

Rural Living

Fuel Pump Fanatics

Gas station memorabilia recalls simpler times.

pickled items in jar

Rural Living

Pickled Pink

New market opportunities are bubbling up thanks to consumers’ interest in fermentation.

wind alternative energy solution photo


Energy Valley

Ag and renewable energy find a fit in Milford Flats.

oxbow ushape photo


Oxbow Precendent

Boosting populations of the endangered Topeka shiner minnow

lettuce shoots growing in greenhouse photo


Lettuce Dream

Growing greens is the catalyst as a community strives for inclusion.

Agriculture, Specialty/Niche, Sustainability

From Grain to Great

The Farver family hasn’t always had the best luck with lentils on their 3,000-acre dryland Scobey, Mont., farm. It’s a bit ironic that of all the crops Terry and Shauna Farver raise, a value-added lentil product, Lentil Crunchers, may well elevate the farm beyond the constraints of commodity crop production. Terry recalls his father giving the legume a try back in the 1970s. They got paid for the first semi load and sent the second. The purchasing company went bankrupt. The second check never came. The third load was sacked and stored in the quonset for consumption by the Farvers over the next 25 years. “We ate a lot of lentil chili and lentil stew as kids. My cousin would take a 50 pound bag of lentils to college to live on before Ramen was a thing,” Terry laughs.


Sculptor Gerry Kulzer carves Brenna Connelly’s butter likeness in the cooler in the Minnesota State Fair Dairy Building.

Rural Living

Butter Me Up

Minnesota dairy princess tradition.

Karen Weiss of Little Foot Farm prepares bedding for her hogs.


When People Come Knocking

How pandemic demand changed the farm.

Row upon row of snowmen line up at one of the toy factories in Seiffen, Germany.

Rural Living

A Passion For Christmas

This German village is the wooden ornament capital of the world.

photo of family at the farm


Pandemic Blessings

When having the kids home is a stress relief.

mouse in hole with light behind it photo

Rural Living

Critter Control

How do you keep the wildlife out of your home?

sculpture of a horse head photo

Rural Living

Maker Magic

Elevating rusty treasure and family heirlooms to art.

background image of wind turbines
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