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Data Management

Field image of JDLink



  • Locate your machines and enable security
  • Receive customizable alerts
  • View machine utilization data
  • Monitor engine hours and maintenance
Field image of Operations Center

Operations Center

  • Manage equipment information, production data, and farm operations from a single website.
  • Collect data more easily, access it more readily, and analyze it more effectively.
  • Single sign-on for multiple John Deere applications

In-Field Data Sharing

  • Share maps and guidance lines with machines that use Gen 4 displays
  • Can be used with up to six machines
  • Compatible with Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 Display
  • See coverage and as-applied maps for any machine by toggling between layers

Field image of Mobile Data Transfer

Mobile Data Transfer

  • Transfer files immediately to operators in field.
  • Provides connectivity for mixed fleets
  • Eliminates the need to transport and manage USB devices.

Field image of Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile

  • Monitor planter and spraying performance – identify potential problems that could affect yield later
  • Use the dual map functionality to see more of what matters most to you
  • Take a look back at your performance after the job is done with field review
Field image of Harvest Mobile

Harvest Mobile

  • Optimize combine performance through Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA)
  • Integrates easily with existing John Deere technology

Yield Documentation, Specialty Crops

Yield Documentation, Specialty Crops
  • In-cab mapping gives you yield information on-the-go
  • Make agronomic decisions based on site-specific data
  • Available for weight-based, conveyor-drive harvesting equipment for potatoes, onions, sugar beets and more.
Studio image of HarvestLab 3000

John Deere HarvestLab™ 3000

HarvestLab™ and Constituent Sensing
  • Measure yield while harvesting 
  • Accurately, on-the-go measurement of moisture, dry matter, protein, starch, fiber, neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber, and sugar
  • Better determine value of forage when purchasing for Biogas operations
  • Dose inoculants based on current dry matter level
  • Automatically adjust length-of-cut, on the go
Field image of John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton

Harvest Identification, Cotton

  • Eliminates manual tagging of modules
  • Provides on-the-go documentation
  • Simplifies recordkeeping
  • Improves module tracking and delivery to the gin

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Illustrated Map Image


  • View your John Deere Operations Center information
  • Ability to change layers on the map to view different agronomic data
  • Export agronomic reports with field summaries and maps
  • View farm totals for both agronomic inputs and productivity

Illustrated view of machine location and map


  • See field boundaries on the map, color coded by the last operation completed on that field
  • Identify where all machines are located with the default zoom level on the map
  • Alerts for JDLink™ enabled machines are available to view in the app all at once
  • View Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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