John Deere 748L Skidder moving cut logs through a clearing.
  Spring 2023

Tree Harvesting Equipment and John Deere Forestry Supplies

Whether you're harvesting full or cut-to-length trees, you need equipment that's powerful, durable, and agile enough to navigate all kinds of conditions. Your John Deere team is here to help you choose the right harvesting equipment for the job.

Wood-based products are everywhere — from the structural frames of our homes to our printer paper, paper towels and all kinds of product packaging. There's no shortage of needs for wood, so harvesting efficiently is the key to a successful forestry operation.

The John Deere​ suite of forestry equipment and technology can help you tackle any project from start to finish — while overcoming tough conditions like swamps and steep slopes. Let's explore the product lineup that keeps you #1 in the Woods.

Full-tree logging equipment

768L II bogie skidder on white background

John Deere Bogie Skidders

    • Reliable and well equipped with heavy-duty dual axles to handle the toughest environments
    • Industry exclusive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for efficiency and smoothness
    • Offers a variety of box-style tong grapples
    • 6 different models (36,787 - 49,570 lbs)

wheeled feller buncher

Wheeled Feller Bunchers

    • Engineered to be reliable, simple to run and easy to maintain
    • Drive-to-tree capability for thinning and clear cutting
    • Great for low slope environments
    • 2 available models (219 - 270 hp)

959m tracked feller buncher on white background

Tracked Feller Bunchers

    • Designed for rugged environments like steep slope and swamp logging
    • Standard and long-reach boom options
    • Long and wide undercarriages for greater stability
    • 6 different models (Swing torque: 40,630 - 81.260 lb.-ft.)

437e knuckleboom loader on white background

Knuckleboom Loaders

    • Designed to deliver maximum productivity and uptime at the landing
    • Among the most powerful, reliable and efficient in the class
    • Optimized hydraulic oil reservoir capacity reduces refill time and oil-change costs
    • 2 available models (Lift capacity: 19,798 - 25,860 lbs)

953ml shovel logger on white background

Shovel Loggers

    • Designed for steep slopes or the muck of swamps and wetlands
    • 36-foot live-heel shovel-logger boom
    • Heavy-duty John Deere​ PowerTech™ Plus 9.0L diesel engine
    • 2 available models (Tractive effort: 72.140 - 83.880 lbf)

Cut-to-length logging

1270g wheeled harvester on white background

Wheeled Harvesters 

    • Designed for demanding conditions like soft soils and steep slopes
    • Great for thinning and regeneration harvesting
    • Features like Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) provide more precision and productivity
    • 5 different models (Tractive force: 29,200 - 44,960 lb)

959mh tracked harvester on white background

Tracked Harvesters

    • Designed to move through thick swamps and navigate steep slopes
    • Strength and smarts to meet any challenge
    • Optional Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) provide more precision and productivity
    • 5 different models (Tractive effort: 54,224 - 83,880 lbf)

1910g forwarder on white background


    • Featuring increased power and torque
    • Designed with durable booms, axles and electrical components for harsh environments
    • 3 cabs option: rotating, rotating & leveling, fixed
    • 6 different models (160 - 268 hp)

3756g swing machine on white background

Swing Machines

    • Designed to help you move more wood, more efficiently
    • Wide range of uses: log loading, road building, decking, shovel logging, processing/harvesting
    • 9L diesel engines deliver 30% more horsepower at low rpm
    • 8 different models (164 - 271 hp)

Wide range of attachments

    • Harvesting Heads
      • 7 different models
      • Maximize your cut-to-length productivity
      • Designed to match the high production rates of Deere tracked and wheeled harvesters
      • Cutting diameters up to 29.5 inches
    • Felling Heads
      • 11 different models
      • Swing-to-tree, drive-to-tree or rotate-to-tree
      • Designed to match the high production rates of Deere tracked and wheeled feller bunchers
      • Superior versatility: small to big stems, softwood to hardwood, level or sloped ground
    • Waratah Heads
      • For harvesting large trees, selective cutting, salvaging storm-damaged timber and right-of-way clearing
      • Gets every job done from processing decked wood to tree-length felling to cut-to-length
      • Superior grab-arm strength, outstanding power-to-weight ratios and solid traction-synchronized drives
    • John Deere Grapple Attachments & Log Forks
      • Maximize your wheel loader material-handling productivity
      • Wide range of choices for sorting, hauling or unloading full-length logs
      • Simple forks to highly specialized material handling systems
      • Sourced from third-party manufacturers by authorized John Deere​ dealers
John Deere 643L Wheeled Feller Buncher lifting cut logs in the forest.

643L Wheeled Feller Buncher lifting cut logs.

Unparalleled Technology & Service

Whether you need to tap into the latest machinery, or simply service existing equipment, count on John Deere​​ for advanced technology plus a nationwide network of dealer support.

      • Precision Forestry
        • Coordinate your team's performance from the woods and the back office
        • Allows teams to share real-time production and location data
        • TimberManager™ web-based solution provides complete visibility from land harvested to machines at work
        • TimberMatic™ Maps innovative onboard software with real-time production views, optimized routes and shared wireless connections between machines
      • John Deere​ Connected Support™ dealer and factory tools
        • JDLink™ connectivity provides valuable fleet insights
        • Dealer Machine Monitoring allows dealers to review machine data and identify critical issues
        • Expert Alerts help dealers develop new preventative-maintenance and repair protocols
        • Remote Diagnostics and Programming allows us to reset diagnostic trouble codes, record performance and update software — saving you time and the cost of sending a technician to the jobsite

Intelligent machines that enable lives to leap forward.

Deere & Company ( is a global leader in the delivery of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment. We help our customers push the boundaries of what's possible in ways that are more productive and sustainable to help life leap forward. Our technology-enabled products including John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor, See & Spray™, and E-Power Backhoe are just some of the ways we help meet the world's increasing need for food, shelter and infrastructure. Deere & Company also provides financial services through John Deere Financial.

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