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TimberManager is a web-based solution for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, allowing you to follow your progress on the jobsite. Combined with TimberMatic™ Maps, this software provides complete visibility of your operation -- from land harvested to the machines at work -- so you can streamline communication and increase efficiency.


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Timbermatic technology and how information flows between machines and managers.

More Connected, More Productive

The contractor has real-time information about the progress and an estimate of the completion of the work. It is easy to keep direct contact to the work site through the message board.

With TimberManager, the business's efficiency increase through reduction of unnecessary tasks.

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TimberMatic Maps is an innovative onboard software solution that helps you visualize your jobsites in new ways. With real-time production views, optimized routes, and shared wireless connections between machines, it's never been easier to take your forestry operations to the next level.

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Remote Monitoring

Keep tabs on the health and performance of your fleet from wherever you're working.

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Live Production View

Progress is displayed as tree count, area harvested, and estimated tonnage to help you streamline deliveries to the mill.

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Real-Time Updates

Timely data is the best data. It lets you course-correct, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and push ahead.

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Precise Progress Tracing

Set your goals, then watch as your team keeps pace throughout the day.

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Simplified Mapping

Feller Buncher data and GPS-based location tracking can show stem counts and bunches right down to individual logs.

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Fleet Optimization

Go beyond machine-level management with information and insights to improve efficiency and precision.

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TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager are available on nearly all models of John Deere forestry equipment, including skidders, wheeled and tracked feller bunchers, wheeled and tracked harvesters, forwarders, and swing machines. Plus the system can be updated on most existing machines.


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