Log Forks and Grapples

Wheel Loader with Log Fork Attachment Moving Wood

Whether you're sorting and hauling lumber, or unloading full-length logs, your John Deere dealer has what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently. From a simple set of forks to a specialized material-handling system, your dealer can equip you with what you need to get the job done at the yard or landing. Forestry attachments for wheel loaders are sourced by John Deere dealers from third-party manufacturers.

Log and Lumber Grapple

Log and Lumber Grapple

Single top clamp for easy handling of logs, lumber, and pallets.

Forged Tines

Forged Tines

Manually or hydraulically adjustable floating forged tines to handle uneven terrain.

Log Fork and Lumber Grapple

Log Fork and Lumber Grapple

Superior loading and unloading of trucks and decks.

Sorting Grapple Forestry Attachment

Sorting Grapple

Short tines allow easy access into stacks and hasten loading and unloading.

Mill-Yard Grapple Forestry Attachment

Mill-Yard Grapple

Handles short, medium, and long logs. Perfect for load-and-carry applications.

West Coast-Style Log Grapple Forestry Attachment

West Coast-Style Log Grapple

Easy loading and unloading of tree-length logs of all diameters.

Log Forks with Double Top Clamps Forestry Attachment

Log Forks with Double Top Clamps

Top clamps on either side provide wider work area for greater control of longer loads.

Construction Utility Forks Forestry Attachment

Construction Utility Forks

Excellent for moving palletized materials.

Wheel Loader Stacking Logs with Grapple Attachment

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