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Introducing the all-new S700 Combines

Get ready to harvest smarter

Whatever the conditions or the operator, the new S700 Combines give you consistent grain quality in a comfortable and easy to operate environment. Integrated, automated technology improves ease of use and gives you the most out of your combine.

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Introducing the all-new 5M Series Tractors

Making an incredible operating experience even better.

The new John Deere 5M Series Tractors come with new engine side frames that reduce the turning radius from 15.8 ft. (4.8 m) to 13.8 ft. (4.2 m) and new electronic de-clutch so you no longer need to foot clutch when shifting gears. You’ll find these features plus many more that give you an incredible operating experience.

5M Tractors    540R Front-end Loader

Introducing the all-new 260B Backhoe

Dig deeper into your chore list

Stretch the true definition of ‘utility’ by adding the all-new 260B Backhoe to your 1 Family Tractor. Sturdy, strong, and stout for all your digging projects. The 260B gets to the bottom of any in-ground chore you can throw at it.

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4640 Universal Display

An improved operating experience for legacy John Deere tractors and mixed fleets

With the 4640 Universal Display, you get an intuitive user experience, resulting in reduced training, less downtime, and fewer operator mistakes. Plus, you get performance and usability enhancements in applications such as AutoTrac™, Section Control, documentation, and Wireless Data Transfer.

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Boost your planter productivity with enhancements from John Deere

  • Mobile Row-Unit Runoff
  • SeedStar™ 4HP
  • Settings Manager
  • Easy Fold
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