Wide photo form the front of a John Deere S7 Combine harvesting wheat with a draper head

S7 Combines


Sleek, new lines. A grain-eating heart. The rugged John Deere dependability you expect.

Welcome to the all-new S7 Combines. We gave it more comfort – with the same cab that's on the legendary X9. We stuffed it with smart guidance and automation tools to increase productivity and decrease stress. And we gave it improved grain loss sensing and an improved residue management system. Together, it all adds up to the most advanced, comfortable, and capable S7 Combine ever built.

Photo of a John Deere S7 600 combine with a draper head on a white background.

S7 600

  • 3.6 bu/s (126.8 liters/s) peak unload rate
  • 300-bushel (10,057-liter) grain tank
  • PowerTech™ 9L Engine
  • 382 max engine horsepower
Photo of a John Deere S7 700 combine with a draper head on a white background

S7 700

  • 4.2 bu/s (148 liters/s) peak unload rate
  • 300-bushel (10,571-liter) grain tank
  • PowerTech™ 9L Engine
  • 460 max engine horsepower
Photo of a John Deere S7 800 combine with a draper head on a white background

S7 800

  • 4.2 bu/s (148 liters/s) peak unload rate
  • 400-bushel (14,095-liter) grain tank
  • PowerTech™ 13.6L Engine
  • 540 max engine horsepower
Photo of a John Deere S7 900 combine with a draper head on a white background

S7 900

  • 4.2 bu/s (148 liters/s) peak unload rate
  • 400-bushel (14,095-liter) grain tank
  • PowerTech™ 13.6L Engine
  • 617 max engine horsepower
Draper on combine in a wheat field


  • 30 to 50 ft models
  • 30 to 40 inch total wing range
  • Flexible or Rigid Cutterbar
  • Reduce cutterbar loss with Grain Saver Draper Belts
Corn Head on combine in a corn field

Corn Heads

  • 6 to 18 row models available
  • 20 to 38 in. row spacing
  • Size residue less than 6 in.
  • Improved visibility for easy transport
Auger platform on combine in a wheat field

Auger Platforms

  • 20 to 35 ft models
  • Flexible Cutterbar
  • Large diameter fingered auger
  • 4 in. double cut knife
Combine with belt pickup

Belt Pickup

  • Large gauge wheels (toolless)
  • Factory-installed windscreen
  • Two speed auger drive
  • Heavy-duty auger cutch

Meet your new mean, green, grain-eating machine.


Photo of a John Deere S7 Combine harvesting wheat with a draper head. It also shows graphics that simulate the front, stereo cameras measuring crop height and volume as part of the Predictive Ground Speed Automation technology

Predictive Ground Speed Automation

The optional Ultimate Technology Package includes Predictive Ground Speed Automation1. Using two forward, cab-mounted stereo cameras, the S7 constantly measures crop height and volume – while pre-harvest satellite field images generate a predictive field map. The combine takes this data and automatically adjusts ground speed BEFORE entering changing crop areas. Feel confident to maintain peak feed rates all day long, even in inconsistent crop conditions. That helps you increase combine productivity while minimizing grain loss.

Photo of a G5Plus Display showing the Harvest Settings Automation run screen

Harvest Settings Automation

Harvest Settings Automation1 – included in the Premium and Ultimate Technology Packages – makes it easier than ever to set the specific outcomes you expect. Using your G5Plus Display, simply set acceptable limits for grain loss, foreign material, and broken grain. Once set, the combine automatically adjusts itself to deliver the performance you want. No more manually adjusting rotor speed, fan speed, and concave, chaffer, and sieve clearances. The combine does it for you according to outcomes you've already prescribed. That gets you into crops faster and reduces the things you have to constantly monitor. When set limits are exceeded, your display shows you where the setting adjustment is being made and why.

Power and Productivity

Photo of an uninstalled John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6L engine against a blueprint-like background

John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6L engine

Built for ag work in the toughest conditions. The turbo-charged, 830 cu in. power plant not only gives you maximum-rated power at lower engine RPM, but it also boosts maximum torque by up to 10%1. More efficiency. More productivity. Less fuel. That's what we call smart power.

10% more max torque1

10% less fuel used1

In-cab photo of a young farmer operating a John Deere S7 Combine in corn. You can see before her a G5Plus Display, a New Generation Primary Corner Display and a G5Plus Extended Monitor

Comfort and Control

A bigger, more comfortable cab

The same cab on our industry leading X9 Combines is the same one we put on the new S7. Quieter than previous models, with improved visibility, this new cab gives you all-day comfort for all-day work. With an integrated G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display, an integrated StarFire™ Receiver, and a new larger corner display, you get more visibility and control. More convenience. More control. More comfort. That's how you keep operators at their best... all day long.

Connected Technology

In-cab photo from farmer's point of view that shows the G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display, while she harvests corn in a John Deere S7 Combine

G5 Advanced Package

More automation means more productivity and less stress. That's what you get with the optional G5 Advanced Package, which bundles five of our most advanced guidance and automation technologies into an annual license3. That gives you not only a lower up-front cost, but also technology that gets better over time, as you'll get automatic access to new features as they are released.

Close-up photo of a G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display, showing the Harvest Settings Automation run page

Integrated G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display

Get more harvest data on the larger, faster and clearer G5Plus Display. See more and easily make machine adjustments with a 35% larger screen4. Start harvesting quickly with faster boot times4. And catch every detail on the 1080p HD touchscreen, in any environment.

Close-up photo of an integrated StarFire™ Receiver with available SF-RTK

StarFire™ Receiver with SF-RTK

The integrated StarFire™ Receiver with SF-RTK delivers accuracy within 2.5 cm. A multi-constellation satellite signal gives you up to 73% faster pull-in times2. And long-term repeatability minimizes guidance line, coverage, and boundary drift year after year to maximize your AutoPath™ passes.

Maintenance & Reliability

Our equipment is supported by one of the most responsive dealer networks in the business.

Photo of a farmer standing in front of a John Deere S7 Combine that's parked in a wheat field. The farmer is interacting with John Deere Connected Support™ on his mobile device

John Deere Connected Support™

S7 Combines come with built-in technology to sense potential issues and alert you - or your dealer - when there's a concern. With Connected Support, you get Remote Display Access and Expert Alerts. You can monitor machine fuel levels, location history, receive alerts and view the in-cab display remotely.

The words "John Deere Protect" against a simulated stainless steel background

John Deere Protect Plans

Annual Expert Inspections and regular scheduled maintenance, coupled with PowerGard™ extended warranty will help ensure "like new" performance and uptime of your combine and reduce unexpected expenses for up to 36 months.

Photo of a John Deere technician standing in front of the rear of a John Deere Combine, in a shop, with his arms folded


Keep your combine in tip-top condition with comprehensive inspections. Our highly trained technicians will replace worn parts and tune up other key areas.

Photo of a John Deere S7 Combine with a corn head, completing a pass in corn

Find performance parts for your current combine

See what parts will enhance your specific equipment's performance and help you at harvest time.

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