S Series Combine in field

S Series Combines

Delivering Reliability to your Fields

When you dedicate three months each year to harvest season, you need a combine that is trustworthy, dependable, and one that is proven season after season to get the job done. Spend harvest in one of the most reliable combines you can buy – the S Series.



  • 3.6 bu/s peak unload rate
  • 300-bushel grain tank
  • 382 Max engine horsepower
  • JDLink™ modem
  • Front wheels or tracks


  • 3.6 bu/s peak unload rate
  • 300-bushel grain tank
  • 449 Max engine horsepower
  • JDLink™ modem
  • Front wheels or tracks


  • 4.2 bu/s peak unload rate
  • 400-bushel grain tank
  • 540 Max engine horsepower
  • JDLink™ modem
  • Front wheels or tracks


  • 4.2 bu/s peak unload rate
  • 400-bushel grain tank
  • 617 Max engine horsepower
  • JDLink™ modem
  • Front wheels or tracks
Draper on combine in a wheat field


  • 30 to 50 ft models
  • 30 to 40 inch total wing range
  • Flexible or Rigid Cutterbar
  • Reduce cutterbar loss with Grain Saver Draper Belts
Corn Head on combine in a corn field

Corn Heads

  • 6 to 18 row models available
  • 20 to 38 in. row spacing
  • Size residue less than 6 in.
  • Improved visibility for easy transport
Auger platform on combine in a wheat field

Auger Platforms

  • 20 to 35 ft models
  • Flexible Cutterbar
  • Large diameter fingered auger
  • 4 in. double cut knife
Combine with belt pickup

Belt Pickup

  • Large gauge wheels (toolless)
  • Factory-installed windscreen
  • Two speed auger drive
  • Heavy-duty auger cutch

Connected Technology

Photo of person at computer

JDLink™ modem

JDLink is the wireless connection enabling your machine to stream data to the John Deere Operations Center so you can monitor its performance from anywhere, and anytime. Whether from a desktop computer or mobile device, you can view machine and crop information, plus share it with your advisors.

G5 Plus CommandCenter display in combine

G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display

Get more harvest data on the larger, faster and clearer G5Plus Display. See more and easily make machine adjustments with a 35 percent larger screen.* Start harvesting quickly with 3 times faster boot times*. Catch every detail on our most advance displays with 1080p resolution.
*compared to previous models

Photo of hand touching screen with display

John Deere Operations Center

Turn your yield into information to make next year's harvest even better. With John Deere Operation's Center you can choose to share your data with who you want and when you want. Operations Center is accessible on the web via your desktop computer, or on your mobile devices via the mobile app.


Screen photo from display

Combine Advisor™

Automatically adjust to changing conditions and reduce losses with the optional Combine Advisor package. Maintain the performance settings you choose, no matter what the moisture or crop conditions are. Set it and leave it as your combine will continue to make adjustments while you harvest.

Capacity and Productivity

Image of Grain Tank

400-bushel Grain Tank

Spend more time harvesting and less time unloading. Featuring a robust 400-bushel grain tank on the S780 and S790, you'll knock out the acres, fast.

Comfort and Control

Person inside an S Series combine cab in field

Comfort and Visibility

Available in two packages with two different lighting options, the all-new harvesting cab offers more comfort and improved visibility compared to previous models.

Maintenance & Reliability

Our equipment is supported by one of the most responsive dealer networks in the business.

John Deere Connected Support™

John Deere Connected Support™

S Series Combines come with built-in technology to sense potential issues and alert you - or your dealer - when there's a concern. With Connected Support, you get Remote Display Access and Expert Alerts. You can monitor machine fuel levels, location history, receive alerts and view the in-cab display remotely.

John Deere Protect

John Deere Protect Plans

Annual Expert Inspections and regular scheduled maintenance, coupled with PowerGard™ extended warranty will help ensure “like new” performance and uptime of your combine and reduce unexpected expenses for up to 36 months.



Keep your combine in tip-top condition with comprehensive inspections. The best-trained technicians in the industry will replace worn parts and tune up other key areas.

S Series Combine in corn field

Find performance parts for your current combine

See what parts will enhance your specific equipment's performance and help you at harvest time.

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1The Extra Fine Cut Chopper is only available on the S780 and S790 models.