Tough conditions require versatile machines. Backed by a half-century of experience in the woods, John Deere G-Series Wheeled Harvesters are designed to help loggers outrun limitations no matter the harvesting application or terrain.

As a cut-to-length solution, our wheeled harvester lineup includes longstanding, field-proven technology and operator features. These machines are built with proven components to withstand demanding conditions like soft soils or steep slopes.

Why do loggers choose John Deere wheeled harvesters?

Whether you are thinning or regeneration harvesting, John Deere wheeled harvesters provide strength, mobility, and versatility to meet every challenge.

We offer four models as part of our full line of forestry equipment. Four-wheel, six-wheel, and eight-wheel configurations are available, depending on the model.

Our wheeled harvesters can provide advantages you need to succeed in the woods.

  • John Deere PowerTech™ Plus engines deliver high torque at low RPM for fuel efficiency and uncompromising power.
  • The rotating and leveling cab tracks the boom up to 80 degrees in each direction so the operator can stay focused on the work.
  • A 19-mm front window complies with the ISO 21876 standard for saw chain shot protection.
  • A twin-pump hydraulic system (in 1270G and 1470G) delivers simultaneous power to the boom and harvester head.

Not sure which wheeled harvester is right for your operation? Your local John Deere dealer is happy to help and can provide more insight. You can also build your machine using our online configurator.

Intelligent technology in action

Available on all John Deere wheeled harvesters, optional Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) is an operator-assistance solution that can make your jobs easier. With IBC, the operator controls only the harvester head while the system takes care of the boom's movement. Designed specifically to suit the harvester work cycle, the boom's movement and operation automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and when the tree is in grapple.

IBC delivers a variety of benefits to your operations.

  • Enhanced precision – provides smooth, precise control of attachment positioning.
  • Increased reliability – delivers more consistent swing/boom movements.
  • Simplified operations – enhances the experience for seasoned loggers and reduces the learning curve for new ones.

Our wheeled harvesters also come factory-equipped with a powerful set of core technologies and capabilities. Each plays an important role in managing the health and performance of your fleet. Additionally, you can take the guesswork out of planning, implementing, and monitoring your operation with John Deere Precision Forestry tools, including TimberMatic Maps™ and TimberManager™.

Forestry technology is just one of the ways we’re adding innovation to proven experience and giving you the equipment and tools to help you win in the woods. Our unrivaled dealer support provides you with experienced technicians, parts when you need them, time-saving tools, and more.

Interested in adding wheeled harvesters to your fleet? Contact your local John Deere dealer for details today.

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