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Precision Upgrades & Attachments

John Deere spray pressure recirculation and product reclaim system

Pressure Circulation/Product Reclaim

Reduce potential crop damage with a more uniform solution at every nozzle in your application. Pressure Circulation/Product Reclaim also cuts down on your chemical and water expenses in addition to saving you time during chemical changeovers.

Upgrade your R4030, R4038 or R4045 Sprayer with ExactApply™


Limit over-application, crop burn and off-target drift with ExactApply, which features precise droplet sizing for consistent application management at various speeds. Offering you three times the pulsing frequency of competitive systems, it also has an advanced A-B nozzle design.

John Deere stainless steel express boom for sprayers

Express Boom

Replace warped poly booms with durable stainless steel and change nozzle spacing as desired to maximize your sprayer performance for years to come. Customize whole boom sections easily and economically on select sprayer models.

John Deere wheel shields parting crops for sprayer pass through.

Wheel Shields

Designed to help you prevent damage to bush-like crops, polyethylene wheel shields gently part crops so wheels and housings can easily flow past. Flexible skirt conversion kit also available to resist rocks and bumps.

Nozzles, Guide & App

a graphic of nozzles spraying water over a bar graph

Worn Nozzles

Spray nozzles are some of the smallest and most overlooked pieces of equipment on your sprayer despite having the greatest effect on accuracy, efficiency and drift potential. Learn why worn spray nozzles cause increased application rates and/or change distribution patterns that lead to under- and over-application affecting your bottom line.

John Deere sprayer nozzles at work in the field

Nozzle Selection

Choosing the right sprayer nozzle for your application is important to your overall success in the field. Use our comprehensive selection guide to figure out the best nozzle type to meet your needs.

John Deere sprayer at work in the field

Sprayer Parts Guide

Get a thorough sprayer parts overview by paging through our comprehensive guide. Read about new products, upgrades, accessories, nozzle selection, maintenance and technical information.

The icon for the John Deere Equipment Mobile App

Equipment Mobile App

Take sprayer optimization to the next level with the Equipment Mobile App. From the convenience of your phone or tablet, you can select nozzles, calculate tank mix, determine product flow rates and more.

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Maintenance & Pump

Solutions system maintenance being performed on John Deere sprayer

Solution System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your solution system will help provide the best quality application, prevent contamination, and increase the life of components. Watch the video to learn best practices for cleaning out solution system parts like flowmeters, strainers, nozzles, nozzle bodies and end caps.

Container of Erase Spray System Cleaner for John Deere sprayers

Erase™ Spray System Cleaner

Erase is a powerful spray system cleaner that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary tank cleaners by emulsifying oily residues in the sprayer lines/hoses. At the same time, it elevates rinsate pH to degrade vulnerable crop protection products. Includes anti-corrosion inhibitors for your sprayer pumps, seals and plumbing.

Container of John Deere Sprayer Winterizer Fluid

John Deere Sprayer Winterizer Fluid

Our cold weather protection fluid is the only product available specifically formulated to protect the entire wet system of your sprayer. Watch the video to see how you mitigate the risks of frozen/broken pipes, pumps, and valves with proper winterization.

Forcefield Wet-Seal Pump for John Deere 4 Series sprayers

ForceField™ Wet-Seal Pump

Upgrade the high-flow pump on your 4 Series sprayer with a ForceField pump, which uses wet-seal technology for added protection in harsh application environments. Even in run-dry situations, it maximizes performance and prevents chemical bonding by cooling and lubricating the mechanical seal with barrier fluid.