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ExactApply Performance Upgrade

Put an end to over-application, crop burn and off-target drift. Available as a performance upgrade for R4030, R4038, R4044, R4045 and R4060 models, ExactApply features individual nozzle control for precise droplet sizing and consistent application management. Providing you with three times the pulsing frequency of competitive systems – and an advanced A-B nozzle design – ExactApply maintains your target rate and pressure over a wider range of speeds. Plus, it decreases overlap, reduces input costs and elevates productivity.

Direct Injection Performance Upgrade

Isolate contamination. Reduce risk. And be equipped for quicker chemical and crop changeover with Direct Injection. Available as a performance upgrade for 4940, R4030, R4038 and R4045 sprayer models, Direct Injection makes it easier for you to manage buffer zones to meet chemical requirements in addition to providing capacity for carrying up to 235 gallons and three different applications at once.

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Are Worn Nozzles Costing You?

Spray nozzles are some of the smallest and most overlooked pieces of equipment on a sprayer, but they have the greatest effect on accuracy, efficiency, and drift potential. Worn spray nozzles can increase application rates and/or change distribution patterns causing under- and over-application impacting your bottom line.

Worn Nozzle Spray Pattern

Under Application

  • Reduced yield
  • Inadequate weed, pest, or disease control
  • Repeated trips over the field

Over Application

  • Increased input costs
  • Crop damage

New Nozzle Spray Pattern


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EquipmentPlus Mobile App for Sprayers

The EquipmentPlus App helps you with proper setup and maintenance. Right from your phone or tablet, you can select nozzles, calculate tank mix, calculate product flow rates for Direct Injection, and more!

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Is There Buildup in Your Boom?

New herbicides and formulations, tank mix partners with glyphosate … mixing chemicals can lead to buildup in your boom, cross contamination and even yield loss. John Deere offers solutions to help you keep a clean boom including Cleaners from Precision Labs, Express End Caps and a complete Express Boom Assembly.

Studio shot of Erase and Incide-Out chemicals

Erase™ and Incide-Out™ from Precision Labs

Erase and Incide-Out from Precision Labs penetrate and remove dried-on or oily residue buildup for easy system surging. Plus, anti-corrosion inhibitors protect equipment going forward.

Express End Cap

Trapped air in the boom causes shutoff lag which leads to overspray and residue buildup that can cause cross contamination. With the Express End Cap, air escapes through the last nozzle body eliminating the ‘dead space.’ This provides quicker shutoff, and the cap offers a handy cleanout port for flushing.

Express Boom Assembly

Replace warped poly booms with durable stainless steel and change nozzle spacing as desired to maximize your sprayer performance for years to come. Customize whole boom sections easily – and economically – on select sprayer models. Talk to your dealer today about financing specials when you use your John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account.


Spray Nozzle Selection Guide