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Combine 4WD

4WD Conversion Kits

Finding yourself in mud, muck, or other adverse harvest conditions? Forge ahead with a 2-Speed, 4WD Conversion Kit from John Deere. Why settle for will-fit when you can get an OEM kit that was designed for your machine? Your John Deere Dealer offers a superior solution with a competitive price.

Combine unloading auger boot

Unloading Auger Boot

Add nine inches of reach and reduce downtime. The one-piece design of this unloading auger boot extends time to blow off. Available as a retrofit for all high-unloading rate systems (3.2/3.8 bu./second).


A John Deere flipover kit

Reel Tine Flip-Over Kit

This kit reduces wrapping of crop material in tough, wet, viney crops such as soybeans, peas, straight-cut edible beans, and canola. The reel tine flip-over kit also increases visibility to the front of the draper.

BXE10262 (625D, 630D, and 635D)
BXE10263 (640D)
BXE10760 (630FD and 635FD)
BXE10761 (640FD and 645FD)

Maintenance parts displayed on table

Maintenance Parts

Genuine John Deere parts are specifically designed to maximize performance and maintain emissions compliance.