Harvesting wheat with an S Series Combine

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Overview of grain in tank with cross auger

Cross Auger Shutoff

Automatically empty your unloading auger and reduce weight in it. That means less power drag on your combine. And, by creating less torque on the chain and unloading sprocket at start up, it reduces sheer pin breakages that cause downtime. Available for S700 Series Combines.

an adjustable spout

Adjustable Auger Spout

Here's an easy way to improve unloading accuracy. With an Adjustable Auger Spout, you can adjust auger positions right from the cab. That makes it easier to fill carts or trailers on the go. And it will reduce grain spillage that can lead to volunteer crops. Available for S700 Series Combines.

grate covers

Remote Separator Grate Covers

Open and close grates right from your CommandCenter™ display! No more getting in and out of the cab. No more getting dirty doing it manually. And you can better adapt to changing crop conditions throughout the day, which leads to improved grain quality. Available for X Series Combines.

LED light

LED Lights

When your harvest day stretches into night, you'll want this 18-LED light upgrade. Not only are they brighter to cut through dust, they last longer, too. And the row finder light points exactly where you want to see. Available for 2012 and newer S700 and S600 Series Combines.

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