Loggers looking downhill next to a 909ML Shovel Logger undercarriage

No Slope Too Steep

Winning the Uphill Battle

Steep-slope logging is a new frontier in North America, and Lyle Newton was eager to take it on. Armed with the right steep-slope logging equipment, Newton and Island Pacific Logging are reaching new heights of productivity and safety on some of the continent’s steepest slopes. See steep-slope logging in action!

Inside of the cab view of a John Deere Shovel Logger/Directional Feller

Built for It

Ready to master shovel logging? The 959ML Shovel Logger/Directional Feller comes with multiple boom and steep-slope options. The cab is designed for both comfort and visibility.

959ML Tracked Shovel Logger on the side of a steep hill grasping a large log to be moved

Tackle New Timber

Thanks to mechanization, steep-slope tethered logging has never been more possible or safe. See how the industry is evolving to offer loggers more opportunity.

John Deere wheeled harvester climbing up a steep slope in a forest

Productivity and Precision

Meet the wheeled harvesters ready to work as hard as you do. Our G-Series lineup puts intelligence into action with numerous features to enhance your productivity.