Quick Swing Machine Specs

g-series swing machine infographic


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Quick Machine Specs

Forestry Excavators

Peak Power: kW (HP)

  • 2154G – 122 (164)
  • 2654G – 145 (194)
  • 3154G – 186 (249)
  • 3754G – 202 (271)

Log Loaders

Peak Power: kW (HP)

  • 2156G – 122 (164)
  • 2656G – 145 (194)
  • 3156G – 186 (249)
  • 3756G – 202 (271)

Work Refreshed

  • 25 percent larger side-entry cab than D-Series.
  • More window area including floor windows for log loaders.
  • Enhanced right-side visibility with optional cab-forward riser.
  • Secure rear-door entry/exit standard on log loaders.

It's Easy to be Cool

  • Larger, higher-capacity coolers help reduce hydraulic operating temperatures, maximizing component life.
  • HVAC system with improved airflow further enhances cooling.

Remote Control

Standard JDLink™ Telematics with Remote Diagnostics and Programming provide the following without a trip to the woods:

  • Fuel levels
  • Machine idle time
  • Machine alerts
  • Remote machine diagnostics by your dealer

Longer Track Frames and Increased Durability

  • Improved stability, lift capacity, and operator comfort on the 2654G, 2656G, 3754G, and 3756G machines.
  • Redesigned undercarriage structures on all models.

Customer-Inspired Enhancements

  • Clean, cooler cores – Reversing fan automatically shifts airflow to eject cooler-core debris; reversing cycle can also be manually activated.
  • Keep it simple – 30 percent fewer electrical system components reduce the risk of downtime.
  • See the light – Larger service bays with LED lighting ease routine maintenance and increase uptime.

Get Your Head Straight

Fully integrated, factory-installed Waratah processing heads feature through-nose hose routing, enhancing processor configuration durability.