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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ".MPK" file?

The MPK file contains all map geometry, such as cut blocks, points of interest, roads, etc. MPKs do not contain raster data such as satellite imagery, topographic information, etc. Your site folder should only contain one MPK.

What is a ".TPK" file?

The TPK file contains raster data such as satellite imagery, topographic information, etc. Your site folder can contain multiple TPKs.

What if the site folder doesn't appear in USB Select Site Submenu?

This means the MPK file for the site is not inside the folder. Only folders containing MPKs are listed. If you are certain the MPK was included inside the folder, use the 'Browse' button in the Select Site submenu to manually search folders inside the USB.

Do I need to leave the USB Flash Drive connected after ETC?

No, you can remove the USB after the site loads. The site will save a copy of itself to local storage inside the monitor and TimberNavi™ will then run off the local copy instead of the USB.

Can I view multiple maps at the same time?

No, only one base map can be visible at one time. Use the Layers list (View icon > Layers) to toggle between different base maps – base map layer names end in '.tpk'.

What is the accuracy of the GPS location?

The accuracy of the GPS location can vary depending on terrain and location. Typically, accuracy ranges from 1 to 5 meters. The alarm distances on your map should take this into account. The recommended alarm distance is 30 feet (10 meters).

What type of files can be imported using the Add-In Toolbar and ARCMAP™?

The TimberNavi™ Add-in Toolbar has support to import some of the more common GIS file types: Shapefiles, KML(Z), and JSON. ArcMap™ can import/use many file types, see ESRI™ support website for the complete list.

Why do I need JDLink™ for TimberNavi™ to function?

TimberNavi™ uses the JDLink™ system to acquire a GPS location.

How are software updates delivered?

Updates will be delivered, when available, through this online support website – see Downloads and Updates page. Once the updated software is downloaded, it is delivered to the TimberNavi monitor using a USB flash drive.


Machine monitor does not turn on

1. Press power button on monitor

If power button works, contact dealer – there may be a wiring issue

2. Key-off machine and check connectors on back of monitor

Connections X4, X1, X7, X14, and X2 should be tight

3. Check JDLink fuse, replace if necessary (15Amp)

4. If fuse blows a second time, contact authorized John Deere dealer

Unable to see monitor

1. Adjust brightness using middle and lower buttons on left side of screen

2. Restart monitor

3. Contact authorized John Deere dealer

Touchscreen unresponsive

1. Restart monitor

2. Contact authorized John Deere dealer

Software does not open

1. Disconnect all USB devices from the monitor

2. Restart monitor

If TimberNavi™ opens, use a different brand of USB flash drive

3. Contact authorized John Deere dealer

Map site does not appear

1. Verify your map correlates to machine location

2. Reload site from USB (or use Browse in Select Site submenu)

3. Restart monitor

4. Contact authorized John Deere dealer