Stack of cut timber logs at the log yard

Cut-to-Length Logging Solutions

Logging for The Long Haul

Sanville Logging owner Doug Sanville uses a cut-to-length system to go the distance with his forestry needs. Over the course of the company’s 40 year history, he’s found plenty of cut-to-length logging solutions and people who get the same satisfaction from using them. See how their cutting-edge John Deere fleet of seven harvesters and five forwarders use TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™ running every single day to help fill big quotas in the most efficient way possible.

Processing a log with HTH622C Waratah harvesting head at a landing.

Harvester Heads Take Charge

The precision, accuracy, and flexibility of our harvester heads can easily make your forestry excavator or tracked or wheeled harvester the boss of any cut-to-length logging job.

Moving logs using a 2656G Swing Machine

Cut-to-Length Timber Tamer

John Deere swing machines can increase the productivity and versatility of your cut-to-length logging operation. When combined with a harvester head in a processor configuration, you’ve got a forestry excavator that’s extra tough on any timber.