Two Powerhouse Brands, One Seamless Aggregates Experience

John Deere Construction and the Wirtgen Group are the ultimate combination in the quarry. Decades of expertise and groundbreaking innovation go into machines designed for every jobsite task, equipping you to get the most out of your work day. And with John Deere Operations Center™ helping you track your fleet and jobsite data, you can get the day done with remarkable synchronization, efficiency, and ease.

Call it a win — then call it a day.

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We're not new here. Fifty years of wheel loader manufacturing expertise paired with a decade in cutting-edge hybrid technology, means the new X-Tier loaders are designed to do more and burn less. A lot less. And with technology options like SmartDetect and SmartWeigh — operations can be safer, and more efficient, than ever.


Savvy solutions to protect your investments and get more out of your fleet.

A man looking at Operations Center on his computer screen

John Deere Operations Center

Uptime and productivity are where your business has to win. With Operations Center, you can keep eyes on your fleet and monitor by jobsite view. Track machine health and productivity detail on Deere and Wirtgen Group equipment in real-time — and keep ahead of downtime. Because at the end of the day, you have to move more to make more.

Smart Machines, Smarter People

John Deere dealers are your boots on the ground experts on both Deere and the Wirtgen Group equipment — and the real-world, rough-and-tumble applications they run in. Working with Deere and the Wirtgen Group gives you access to a reliable network that extends far beyond a purchase — our dealers are dedicated to building long-term relationships and supporting your success throughout the entire ownership journey.

Aggregates in Action

Equipment driving productivity day after day in the quarry.

Rock Solid Reputation

Nobody knows rock work like the people who run it day in and day out. Our customers set the bar for excellence high in every application, and CenCon of Kansas is no exception. They know first-hand how Deere and The Wirtgen Group equipment works together to help push them forward in field, and in their business.

Beyond Bedrock

See how customers are leveraging Deere + Wirtgen in more applications.

Raised on Blacktop

In road work, the job needs done right and it needs done fast. American Pavement knows that from skidders and graders to milling machines and cold recyclers, John Deere Construction and the Wirtgen Group have the reliable equipment you need. They pair perfectly to complete any road construction job right — and right on time.

Smarter Site Development

New York customers, the Dietz Brothers, are all about working smarter. From embracing SmartGrade solutions on their jobs and seeing huge returns, to figuring out how implementing Kleemann crushers into their work could boost their business — they're laser focused on success and show no signs of slowing down.