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Field Connect Firmware Update

Firmware Installation Instructions

NOTE: Update has two files (GWFRMWR.BIN and MPFILE.BIN) that must be loaded. Do not change the file name.

1. Obtain a USB drive meeting all requirements below:
  • FAT32 formatted.
  • Verify there are no other firmware files or folders on USB drive.
  • When plugged into a computer, USB should appear as "Removable Disk." If USB appears as "Local Disk," it should not be used.
  • No password, encryption, or bitlocker capabilities on USB stick; even if turned “off.”
2. Copy update file to root of USB drive.
3. Verify battery voltage is above 12.2 V.
4. Insert USB drive into USB port on gateway.
5. USB LED flashes blue and transitions to yellow and teal. Wait approximately 3 - 10 minutes.
6. Unit automatically resets and all LEDs turn on momentarily.
7. If update is successful, USB LED turns solid green. Remove USB drive and USB LED turns off.
8. Verify GPS time source is valid. It is valid once GPS LED is solid.
9. Press multifunction button on gateway.
  • If GPS time source is valid, all LEDs flash once.
  • If GPS time source is invalid, all LEDs flash three times. GPS time source has to be valid for gateway to recognize probe.

Update Information

  • Version: 1.11.75
  • Wireless Version: 1.1.23
  • Post Date: March 2016
  • File Size: 871 KB
  • File Name: MPFILE.BIN

Download Now
  • File Size: 287 KB
  • File Name: GWFRMWR.BIN

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Field Connect Release Notes