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Conventional-Till Drill Series

Customer-driven refinements ... customer-approved results

Closeup of the grass seed attachment Grass seed attachment
To ensure accurate metering of grasses, forages, small grains, and canola, opt for this attachment. It can be field-installed on the front of the 455 or the rear of the 1520 Seed Box.
Closeup of the available opener options Opener options
Different openers are designed for different conditions, which is why we offer a variety of choices. The 455 and 1520 Drills feature the offset double-disk opener. The BD11 Series Drill can be equipped with a dual depth-gauge wheel opener, a semi-deep single-disk opener, or a double-disk opener.
Composite image of four different press wheel options Press wheel options
Depth-gauging press wheels ensure good seed-to-soil contact at a consistent depth. Several options are available.

Farmer emptying a bag of seed into a drill box Drill box
More drilling, less refilling. Our drills boxes are made with ample seed capacity to keep you in the field. Choose from plain grain or combination grain/fertilizer seed boxes.
Closeup of a grain agitator Grain agitators
Keep seed feeding smoothly to the meters with a grain agitator. Agitators work well when seeding inoculated, residue-laden, very light, or large seed, and it’s essential for drilling peas.
Closeup of a man's hand turning a knob to adjust the box drill's down pressure Down pressure
Get the down pressure you need to keep openers in the ground so seeding depth is consistent. Patented active hydraulics allow you to set the down pressure for the entire drill with one knob.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.