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No-Till Air Drill Series


Closeup of the F90 Series No-Till Opener F90 Series No-Till Opener
Our proven no-till openers provide excellent penetration with rugged durability. They are made to work well in a broad range of farming practices, so you get both excellent versatility and performance.
Closeup of a man's hand pulling a knob to adjust the hydraulic downforce Hydraulic Downforce
Penetrate hard soils and heavy residue with ease with our active hydraulic downforce system. It works in conjunction with the opener spring to provide an adjustable range of 165- to 400-lb. of down pressure per opener.

Closeup of seed press wheels Seed press wheels
Excellent seed-to-soil contact helps ensure good germination rates, which is why we designed the profile of these press wheels to gently but firmly press the seed in the bottom of the trench. Cast closing wheels then reseal the trench.
Closeup of the air drills in soil Row spacings
To match your seeding approach, John Deere No-Till Air Drills offer a variety of row spacings.

Closeup of the SeedStar™ 2 Blockage Sensors SeedStar™ 2 Blockage Sensors
Save costly skips in the field with SeedStar 2 blockage sensors. Choose from primary-only blockage monitoring, or all-run blockage monitoring for maximum protection.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.