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John Deere Mobile RTK Signal


  • Allows you to use RTK precision in difficult areas such as hilly terrain because there is no line-of-sight requirement to the base station.
  • No need to manually switch base stations as you move between fields — you can roam anywhere within the network and have access to the RTK correction signal.
  • Provides RTK accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1 in.
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        Drawing of RTK signal strength


    John Deere Mobile RTK uses cellular technology instead of an RTK radio to obtain RTK accuracy. Which means in areas with difficult terrain, such as trees, mountains, and hills, you no longer need a clear line of sight between the machine receiver and the base station to maintain your RTK signal. You also don’t have to remember which base station to use or switch between base stations as you move between fields. With Mobile RTK, the machine can seamlessly roam anywhere within the network and have access to the RTK correction signal.

    John Deere Mobile RTK network is available in select areas of the United States and Canada. For detailed Mobile RTK signal and JDLink cellular coverage maps please visit my.jdmrtk.com.





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