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Cab Parts & Attachments

Man in combine cab harvesting corn

Have more visibility and control from the cab.

Order From John Deere Parts

Camera Observation System for S Series Combines

Voyager observation system

The Voyager observation system gives you better visibility when you’re operating large equipment by delivering live full-color video of designated blind spots. The Voyager comes with:

  • A large 7-in. (177.8-mm) LCD display
  • Speaker built into monitor to hear live audio from the camera microphone
  • Three-camera capability (one camera included)
  • Standby mode to activate camera only when in reverse gear
  • Excellent visibility even in low-light conditions

Part Number: SWVOSHDCL1B

Combine Observation System for 50, 60 and 70 Series Combines

Combine Observation System for 50, 60 and 70 Series Combines

This system comes with two color cameras for more flexibility and:

  • Provides a bird's eye view of key harvesting functions on the go
  • Ideal for better visibility of the grain tank and sample and when you're unloading into tall grain carts or trucks

Recommended to operate with one of these three mounting options:

  • On the unloading auger for increased unloading visibility with high-sided grain carts or trucks
  • On the rear panel of the combine for visibility of the straw chopper's speed
  • On the grain bin extensions of the grain tank to help provide better visibility of the grain sample as well as serves as a visual indicator when the bin is full

Part Number: BH84475

FieldVision™ Xenon HID Lighting

John Deere combine
  • Provide up to 200 percent more brightness while operating with less heat and last five times longer than regular halogen bulbs
  • Lights turn on with field light switch – no additional switches needed
  • Lights turn off when road light switch is on
  • Increases illumination for nighttime operation
  • Optional equipment on 70 Series Combines

Part Number: BH84202 (For 50 Series Combines (PIN 685501 and up)

Part Number: BH84557 (For 60 Series and 70 Series Combines (PIN 715301 and up)