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Making farm life safer for our families

Capital Hill

Raising awareness of agriculture safety is a responsibility we all share. From farmers to equipment manufacturers, we each have the power to make a difference and to help prevent farm injuries and fatalities. That’s why John Deere is a proud sponsor of the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program.

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program was created in 1995 to prevent farm- and ranch-related injury among rural youth. The program is dedicated to making farm and ranch life safer and healthier for all children and their parents through fun and interactive education and training. The program offers education on more than 30 farm safety topics, including farm equipment, tractor, PTO, weather and food safety.

The Progressive Agriculture Foundation (PAF) oversees the Safety Day program and provides training resources and lessons to local volunteers who lead one-day events in their communities. This year, the foundation is planning 427 Safety Day events that will reach nearly 100,000 rural children and adults across the United States and Canada.

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