Side knives performance upgrade kit installed on a 640FD header.

Side Knives Upgrade

Send grain to the tank and not the ground –

give your combine an upgrade.

Control where your grain goes. Get the benefits of the newest, advanced technology and keep the front end equipment you already own. With a John Deere Precision Upgrade, you can:

  • Reduce grain loss at the header when adding a side knife upgrade
  • Reduce stopping to clear crop buildup when adding a side knife upgrade

Our kits allow you and your dealer to fit your front end equipment with the latest technology, to help you work smarter and faster to get the strongest return on your investment.

Side knives performance upgrade kit installed on a 640FD header.

Side Knives

Maintain constant harvest speed in high yielding canola fields with a side knife upgrade. Cutting through the crop vertically, this upgrade prevents the header from getting tangled up with bushy plant material, allowing you to focus on your yield. Your dealer can work with you to determine your front end equipment’s compatibility.

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Strengthen the return on your investment by adding the latest technology to your current front end equipment.