Customizable Performance Upgrades for Sprayers

Customizable Performance Upgrades for Sprayers

Keep your sprayer. Upgrade it with the latest technology.

Reduce costs and potential crop damage while covering more acres with a precise, consistent application, without having to trade your current sprayer—upgrade instead.

New-To-You Performance



Controlling your spray means more control over profitability and productivity. End over-application, crop burn and off-target drift, upgrade the sprayer you already own.

Individual Nozzle Control Pro

Individual Nozzle Control Pro

The newest nozzle capability from John Deere is now available for your 4 Series Sprayer. Section Control gives you control down to the individual nozzle turret and improved application accuracy over today’s standard plumbing sprayers.

Pressure Recirculation

Pressure Recirculation/Product Reclaim

Reduce crop damage by delivering a more consistent solution at every nozzle in your application. Cut down on chemical and water expenses with the Pressure Recirculation and Product Reclaim upgrade to your current sprayer.



Want more performance?

Strengthen your ROI by achieving new levels of spraying performance with the additional items shown below

  • Boom Extensions

    Boom Extensions

    Increase your efficiency and acres covered per day with a steel boom extension for your existing sprayer. With the weather being one of the largest variables during application season, making your sprayer wider allows you to get more done when the sun is shining.

  • Alternate Nozzle Spacing

    Alternate Nozzle Spacing

    For areas that use predominately 36" or 38" row crops, alternate nozzle spacings of 18" and 19" match your row spacing and provide application directly above the row for enhanced performance of fungicide and insecticide.

  • Direct Injection

    Direct Injection

    Isolate contamination. Reduce risk. Be equipped for quicker chemical and crop changeover. Direct Injection makes it easier for you to manage buffer zones to meet chemical requirements in addition to providing capacity for carrying up to 235 gallons and three different applications at once.

Ready to upgrade?

What kit is right for you? Give your dealer a call and schedule an evaluation. Together, you can decide what Performance Upgrade fits your needs and operation.

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Add the latest technology and replace worn parts at the same time

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Strengthen ROI, reduce input costs and improve yields* with new-to-you performance


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