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Operations Center

  • Setup and manage your critical farm operations
  • Plan work to reduce errors and gain efficiencies
  • Monitor job quality and productivity in near real time
  • Analyze this season’s results to improve next season’s crops
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Image of a computer and phone with Operations Center app displayed on their screens. This app is available for both web and mobile devices.

Unlock the full power of your farm data.

Operations Center seamlessly connects data from your fields, your machines, and your operators and advisors. It puts at your fingertips all the information you need to maximize four critical farm functions.

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Quickly setup and manage your entire farm, including equipment, fields, products, and team.

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Simplify in-cab set-up by planning work before operators begin field work.

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Keep a pulse on your fields and equipment and ensure the right work is being done at the right time, helping operators minimize mistakes and accurately complete work.

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After work is done, evaluate your results and use hard data to determine what worked best as you begin planning next season.


Image of inside a tractor cab with two displays

Sync your entire farm operation

Setup helps you sync your in-cab displays with your Operations Center dashboard. Improve management of your fields and equipment. Save time by reducing in-cab decisions. And improve in-field work accuracy.


Man looking at maps in Operations Center on computer

Create fast, accurate field work in advance

Whether you’re tilling, seeding, applying, or harvesting, Work Planner gives you everything you need to create exact work plans that detail variety, guidance lines, prescriptions, and more.


Man looking at tablet in field

Stay three steps ahead on your farm – anytime, anyplace.

On the farm or away from it, Monitor features in Operations Center give you web and mobile tools to view field progress, work totals and machine location. And notifications give you 24/7 updates on your entire operation.


Image of Operations Center screen on laptop

Have confidence in data-driven results.

Operations Center gives you unprecedented insights into the productivity of your efforts. By collecting field and machine data, you can analyze performance metrics so you know how you did this season... and how you can plan for next. And with just a few clicks, you can wirelessly share data with trusted advisors and partners, and create detailed reports for accurate record keeping.