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Our Commitment to Ownership & Repair

John Deere supports a customer's right to safely maintain, diagnose and repair their equipment. When customers buy from John Deere, they own the equipment and can choose to personally maintain or repair the product.

  • We lead our industry in providing repair tools, spare parts, information guides, training videos and manuals needed to work on our machines, including remote access for technicians to provide long-distance help.
  • John Deere does not support the right to modify embedded software due to risks associated with the safe operation of the equipment, emissions compliance and engine performance.
  • Approximately, less than two percent of all repairs require a software update, so the majority of repairs farmers need to make, can be made themselves.
  • When our customers buy a machine, they make the decision about whether to maintain and repair it themselves or to call on a John Deere technician.

Our success comes only when our customers leap forward. For additional questions on our ownership and repair resources, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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Health and Safety

Safe repairs are smart repairs. Modifying the software of heavy machinery could override safety controls and put our customers, their employees and our technicians at risk. Operating and maintaining our equipment to our engineering standards helps keep our customers safe.

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Environment and Sustainability

Maintaining our equipment and operating it the way it was designed helps protect the environment and ensure our customers' farming operations meet critical environmental standards.



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