Security by Design Helps Developers Secure John Deere's Products

Securing our products starts with the first line of code

Carl Kubalsky
Carl Kubalsky, business information security officer for tech stack and clou

What do you think of when you think of John Deere products? Combines? Excavators? Gators?

In Digital Security, we think of products as any technology that a John Deere customer uses to unlock value in their operation. This includes John Deere websites, software, mobile apps, infrastructure and the embedded systems that enable intelligent equipment. Each of these products requires digital security protection.

One way we do this is with our Security by Design program. Over the past several years Security by Design has instilled a security mindset within the development community at John Deere. The program is led by security professionals with engineering expertise, who work with developers across the company and teach them how to think about security in everything they do.

Security by Design combines people, processes and technologies to create a culture of security throughout the product development lifecycle. Security professionals sit on teams with developers to secure code, educate and share best practices. Code scanning technologies help find vulnerabilities in software code while it is still being written which enables the team to address them proactively.

"Security by Design strives to make security second nature in the product development community," said Carl Kubalsky, business information security officer for tech stack and cloud. "Doing this effectively is an ongoing mission and the key to protecting our customers and the products they depend on every day. Threat and technology landscapes are constantly changing. We're focused on continuous learning, innovation and improvement to ensuring ongoing success in defending customer value unlocked by John Deere's technology stack."

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