A Q&A on Data Protection with Lane Arthur - Vice President, Data Application and Analytics for John Deere

Portrait of Lane Arthur
Lane Arthur, Vice President of Data, Applications and Analytics for John Deere

How does Deere prevent software vulnerabilities?

Deere has a large, dedicated team that continually evaluates security vulnerabilities. Deere's top priority is to remedy vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified to ensure the privacy of its customers. Deere's approach to minimizing vulnerabilities focuses on building security into everything we do, conducting routine testing to identify and fix vulnerabilities, and segregating personal and sensitive data.

How does Deere ensure the privacy and security of its customers' information?

Deere maintains the security of its customer's data through the most up-to-date encryption, as well as a dedicated, full-time security team. Deere has been at the forefront of ensuring farmers have secure connectivity and continues to play a large role in the development of industry-wide standards that allow for hardware and software tools to be securely connected.

How often does Deere update the security of its software?

Similar to other companies, Deere routinely releases security patches throughout the year. We update digital software and machine dependent embedded software several times a year. In the unlikely event that a significant vulnerability is discovered, Deere will update the software immediately.

How can Deere ensure customer data is protected against future threats?

Deere has a dedicated team that focuses on maintaining the security of our customer's data. Our developers use techniques that promote security at every level of code development, keeping a farmer's applications secure and up to date. Deere also regularly runs tests to limit the possibility of vulnerabilities.

Who has access to a farmer's data?

When farmers entrust data to John Deere, they determine who they share it with and when. This data is critical to a farmer's job and we know they place a high value on its security. Deere created the John Deere Operations Center to provide a secure environment for farmers to leverage their data and collaborate with their trusted advisors. We provide tools for customers to manage any third-party connection to provide transparency to our customers.

Deere also received the American Farm Bureau Ag Data Transparent certification, which verifies that our solutions are in compliance with core principles for Ag data transparency, consent and privacy.

How can farmers ensure that data within Deere's ecosystem is secure?

Deere maintains the security of a farmer's data through both the latest, most up-to-date encryption and a dedicated, full-time security team on staff. Deere requires that software companies wanting to partner with us agree to Deere licenses to protect the integrity of customer data, which means that farmers can be confident in their security while leveraging the most useful and profitable tools for their farming operation. Deere provides encrypted APIs to partners to ensure they are using the latest data protection policies and security measures.

For more information on John Deere's commitment to data security, please visit www.deere.com/trust.