Identity is the Cornerstone of a Digital Experience

Portrait of Heather Schladt
Heather Schladt, Group Engineering Manager

John Deere's Identity and Access Management team works to balance security with usability for customers, dealers and employees, among others.

In cybersecurity terms, "identity" defines a digital representation of who a user is and what they have access to, and "access management" is the process used to maintain access privileges. Anytime a user logs into a John Deere system, the technologies that the Identity and Access Management team support are involved.

"The team takes a lot of pride in making sure that people who use John Deere systems have the right access, but not more access than they need. It’s a delicate balance between security and usability," said Heather Schladt, group engineering manager for Identity and Access Management. "We're focused on ease of use and efficiency of systems and processes through automation and intelligence."

Complex passwords and multifactor authentication, which is when a user must provide multiple pieces of evidence to be able to access a system, are examples of measures that are in place to protect Deere's systems and data. The team also has tools and controls to manage accounts with higher levels of access, or what is known as privileged accounts. These accounts are managed with scrutiny and only available to users with specific job responsibilities and who have completed required training.

"Identity is really the cornerstone of a digital experience, and our team's mission is to protect credentials and access," Schladt said. "Credential theft is popular in phishing attempts and social engineering. The combination of using technology, such as multifactor authentication for example, and educating our users about these risks helps us keep our systems and data secure."

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