Cyber Security Defense Center: A Team of "Fierce Protectors"

Team uses their skills and knowledge to defend against cyberattacks

Portrait of Jason Beneker
Jason Beneke, Group Engineering Manager

John Deere's Cyber Security Defense Center (CSDC) defends and protects systems, products and infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

About six years ago a highly skilled team of Deere employees came together to form the CSDC with the mission to proactively protect Deere's systems and perimeter from external threats and cyberattacks, said the group's leader, Jason Beneke, group engineering manager.

"We needed to move from secure to resilient," Beneke said, "and to be able to do that, we started with building a team of talented, intelligent engineers and analysts who understood the landscape of threats and could work with partners and industry peers to share intel and best practices. It was also foundational that we use industry leading technologies to monitor and remediate threats."

Today, the CSDC is a global team responsible for understanding the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape and putting measures in place to protect John Deere systems and data. The team protects the perimeter of Deere systems, looking for clues of malicious activity. They develop detailed playbooks for use in incident response and monitor ongoing threats in other industries and use that information to help protect Deere.

"The team shows up every day ready to use a combination of their skills and knowledge, along with our telemetry and technologies to protect Deere and defend against potential cyberattacks," Beneke said. "You won't find a team of more fierce protectors of Deere systems."

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