Think Big, Run Small with John Deere Compact Wheel Loaders: 204 G-Tier and 324 P-Tier

Rugged, reliable, and economical, the John Deere line of compact wheel loaders can take your operation to a new level of productivity. Simple and intuitive machine functionality is a perfect fit for novice operators, while performance-enhancing options boost the capabilities of experienced pros. Count on these highly adaptable multitaskers to deliver for your operation.

What makes John Deere compact wheel loaders the top choice?

With models ranging from 44-103 hp (33-76 kW) with 1–2.6 cu. yd. (0.8-2 m3) bucket capacities, John Deere's compact wheel loaders combine serious performance with small loader sizes so you can be productive, even in tight spaces. Pair them with a snow blower, grapple, pallet fork, broom, or other John Deere attachments to increase your versatility, work smarter, and accomplish even more.

All our compact wheel loaders are backed by a full-machine standard warranty. It promises we'll fix any defects in materials or workmanship for two years after delivery or 2,000 hours of use.

Select a compact wheel loader model below for specifications and more details. You can also use our online configurator to build your own compact loader.

Not sure which compact wheel loader is the best fit for your work? Your local John Deere dealer is happy to help.

Why choose the new 204 G-Tier compact wheel loader for your jobsite?

With an operating weight of 11,508 lb. (5220 kg), the 204 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader is packed with features to help maximize productivity and versatility.

  • At 8 ft. (2430 mm) tall with an open ROPS canopy design, this low-profile wheel loader can capably maneuver in a variety of low-clearance working conditions.
  • Choose from more than 100 John Deere attachment models for added versatility.
  • Frameless doors and an expansive ceiling-to-floor windshield offer a clear view to the front tires. Optimized airflow through the HVAC system enhances operator comfort.
  • Boom, bucket, F-N-R, and third-function hydraulics are positioned on the same ergonomic low-effort lever for convenient one-hand control. Handy switches put control of the coupler, travel speed, park brake, lights, and other functions within easy reach.
  • Added control features include third-function mini-joystick and combined creep control and throttle lock that allow the operator to lock in engine speed to maintain consistent hydraulic flow as needed.
  • A new larger fuel tank lets you run longer between fill-ups. Durable plastic construction helps prevent damage and rust, extending wear life.

For more information, features, specs, and benefits for the 204 G-Tier, view the online brochure.

What makes the John Deere 324 P-Tier the right fit for your operation?

With an operating weight of 14,110 lb. (6400 kg), the 324 P-Tier Compact Wheel Loader brings more power and double the bucket capacity for more load-carrying capability than ever before.

  • Get tighter, more stable turns thanks to the industry-exclusive Articulation Plus™ steering system. It combines 30 degrees of articulation with 10 additional degrees of rear-wheel steer.
  • Choose from more than 100 John Deere attachment models for added versatility.
  • With a standard top speed of up to 23 mph (37 kph), the 324 P-Tier can make some quick moves on and between jobsites.
  • The optional High-Lift configuration makes this workhorse especially adept at stacking applications and repetitive dumping.
  • In-cab lighting is activated with door opening to illuminate machine entrances and exits. Optional LED front and rear work lights brilliantly brighten early morning or after-daylight tasks.
  • Load-sensing AutoShift powertrain technology eliminates productivity-interrupting manual shifts between gear ranges while providing smooth direction changes.

For more information, features, specs, and benefits for the 324 P-Tier, view the online brochure.

What else makes a John Deere compact wheel loader a smart addition to your fleet?

John Deere compact construction equipment is available with in-base connectivity. Analyze critical machine data, track utilization, review diagnostic alerts, and more from the John Deere Operations Center™. The Operations Center also enables John Deere Connected Support™, which uses data from thousands of connected machines to proactively address any issues.

Choosing the right equipment is just one step toward getting your work done efficiently. Our unmatched dealer support provides you with the hustle of experienced technicians, parts when you need them, time-saving tools, and more. Making the most of our world-class dealer network is one of the easiest ways to decrease costs, increase uptime, and stay on top of your operation.

Ready to add a John Deere compact wheel loader to your jobsite? Contact your local John Deere dealer for details today.