• image of 300e front end loader attached to tractor in studio setting


  • Compatible with 3025D, 3035D, 3043D, 3025E, 3032E, and 3038E
  • Curved boom design improves operator visibility to front implements
  • Larger knee plates for strength and durability without sacrificing compact stance
  • 845 lbs (384 kg) of lift capacity
  • Mechanical Self-Leveling (MSL) Loader option with 1,283 lb (583 kg) lift capacity

The New Mechanical Self Leveling (MSL) Loader Option Walk Around

With the new MSL, check out how we are bringing large tractor technology down to our small tractors. The 20% to 40% greater lift capacity (depending on loader model) at 19.7-in. (500 mm) ahead of pivot when compared to our non self-leveling (NSL) loaders is well grounded too1. The option is available on John Deere 1 Series, 2 Series, 3D and 3E Tractors with John Deere 120R, 220R and 300E Loaders. Dig in. Get all in the details.2

The John Deere Mechanical Self-Leveling Loader Option

The MSL option will always be level with you. The technology simplifies loader work and there is an increase in lift capacity at 19.7-in. (500 mm) ahead of the pivot when compared to our non-self-leveling loaders.1 Get level.2

1Lift capacity values have been verified according to a testing process standard set by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The increase is measured at the point where the loader is 19.7 in (500 mm) ahead of the pivot. The increase in 120R Lift Capacity was measured at 24%. The 220R lift capacity increase, 40%. The 300E lift capacity increase, 34%. Results may vary based on testing criteria and usage.

2To be absolutely level with you, there is no way a house of cards could remain balanced and upright lifted up and down on a pallet. Doesn’t change the fact that our Mechanical Self-Leveling Loader stays level from it’s lowest point to its highest. And vice versa. Now, that’s level. Refer to your John Deere Operator’s Manual for specific instructions for your Compact Utility Tractor and add ballast as recommended in your John Deere Loader Operator Manual. Shown with optional features. John Deere, the leaping deer symbol and John Deere’s green and yellow trade dress are the trademarks of Deere and Company.

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