• 120R front end loader on a 2R Series tractor in the studio


  • Compatible with the 1023E, 1025R and 2025R tractors
  • Quik-Park stands for easy attachment and removal
  • up to 553 lb (251 kg) lift capacity
  • Mechanical Self-Leveling (MSL) Loader option with up to 726 lb (330 kg) lift capacity

The New Mechanical Self Leveling (MSL) Loader Option Walk Around

With the new MSL, check out how we are bringing large tractor technology down to our small tractors. The 20% to 40% greater lift capacity (depending on loader model) at 19.7-in. (500 mm) ahead of pivot when compared to our non self-leveling (NSL) loaders is well grounded too1. The option is available on John Deere 1 Series, 2 Series, 3D and 3E Tractors with John Deere 120R, 220R and 300E Loaders. Dig in. Get all in the details.2

The John Deere Mechanical Self-Leveling Loader Option

The MSL option will always be level with you. The technology simplifies loader work and there is an increase in lift capacity at 19.7-in. (500 mm) ahead of the pivot when compared to our non-self-leveling loaders.1 Get level.2