Intelligent Boom Control Quick Facts

Intelligent boom control

Intelligent Boom Control

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Operator advantages

  • More productive
  • Short learning curve
  • Enjoyable to operate
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced structural fatigue
  • The operator can focus on controlling the head or grapple rather than on the boom joint movements
  • Attract and retain operators. IBC is so productive and easy to use, operators in the forest want to run IBC-equipped machines.

IBC in Wheeled Harvesters

  • Maneuvering between trees is easy. The boom responds smoothly and the system controls the boom movement.
  • Operator takes the harvester head to the desired place and the system adjusts boom movements and extension automatically.
  • Easy to use and precise to operate
    • The boom tip automatically follows the desired trajectory. Hill mode makes the trajectory suitable for working on slopes.
    • The harvester head is driven to the optimal cutting height.
    • Intelligent control of boom turning improves control of movements in all reaches.

IBC in Forwarders

  • Optional for forwarders
  • Operator controls the boom tip directly instead of controlling independent boom joint movements.
  • Reduce necessary tuning parameters and increase durability of the boom and cylinders.
  • IBC system speed can be adjusted to the operator’s needs.
  • Adjust vertical, horizontal, and slew speed of boom tip.
  • Switching between IBC and conventional boom control is done with a press of a button.
  • IBC also provides end damping to stop the blow-like loads of the cylinder ends so the operator does not need to monitor boom positions. Work is more fluent and the boom structures and hydraulic cylinders last longer.