Industrial Diesel Engines


John Deere industrial engine block

Durable, Reliable Power Solutions

With power ratings from 36 to 677 kW (48 to 908 hp) and emissions levels from Final Tier 4/Stage V to non-certified, John Deere helps OEMs meet power needs in all areas of the world.

Add the Power of John Deere Next Generation Engines to Your Lineup

JD4 — Up and Coming

The JD4 offers a low purchase price and integration cost with performance benefits that contribute to overall customer value.

JD9 industrial engine by John Deere

JD9 – Powerful Integration

Expanded power output up to 343 kW (460 hp) and a choice of single- and dual-turbo configurations give the new JD9 engine more versatility.

JD14 — Proven and Ready

Count on performance in the extremes with rugged, off-highway applications — all while surpassing industry and customer expectations.

JD18 — Expanded Power

With ratings from 522 to 677 kW (700 to 908 hp), you can streamline your equipment power with the help of the high-horsepower JD18 engine.