Our systems integrate advanced communication technologies, such as CAN, Cellular, Satellite, and GPS into a sophisticated network that meets your specialized needs. With our standard telemetry products and customized design services option, we can provide a system that fits your specific needs – all with components that are designed and manufactured to withstand severe temperature, vibration, and sealing requirements.



Trace and Track

Track and Trace

These core functions involve using a wireless communications gateway on a piece of equipment with little or no interaction with that equipment. Simple, hard-wired inputs can be made available to collect additional information and report it as required. This can enable:

  • Location tracking
  • Usage tracking
  • Fleet driver management

Machine Monitoring

Building upon core functions, the addition of machine monitoring capabilities includes receiving information from an on-board data bus (typically CAN ) and enabling access to significant machine information, including:

  • Alerts
  • Machine performance
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
Combine with grain cart

Productivity and Control

Requiring extensive integration with other components on the machine, this level of integration enables information to be received and sent to a machine and/or operator. This sophisticated interaction makes it possible for machines to receive and react to incoming information, including:

  • Machine guidance and control
  • Remote diagnostic and repair sessions
  • Automated job site coordination
4g lte modems

4G LTE modems

Entry-level to premium level options, our connectivity solutions are engineered to fit your rugged environment. Track machine health, diagnostic alerts, advanced logistics and so much more.

A model of the Satellite Gateway

Satellite Gateway

Even in the most extreme environmental conditions, the Satellite Gateway transmits and receives data critical to your equipment performance.

Custom design

Custom Design, Putting You in Control

You don’t have to settle for a “boxed” solution. We have the design experience, existing hardware, and industry relationships that form the building blocks you need. Working together, we can quickly create a reliable telematics system in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Supplying only your hardware needs
  • Working with the application partner of your choice to provide a complete solution
  • Delivering a complete, integrated system to you by working with one of our preferred solution partners

You remain in control of proprietary data and the key intellectual property that differentiates your products. In the process, you can get what you really want – a rugged, dependable, cost-effective solution that fits your needs.

For information on pricing and the process involved in designing telematics systems to your specifications, contact us.